Regular eye checkup is needed for the eyes

When we talk about glasses, the very first thing that comes into our minds is vision correction, eye protection and fashion. Though the need for eyeglasses has long shifted from this to be a fashion accessory that everyone looks good with. Does your work and responsibility end here?

Our responsibility towards our eyes does not just end with getting a pair of fashionable eyewear every day but ensuring our eye health is perfect. This is because our eyes help us to witness every moment of this beautiful world.

The world has so much to give us and hence we can witness so many beautiful pictures, the magic of mother earth and so many more.

Routined eye-checkup 

An example is that we are spending most of our time in front of the screen. Being in our current state, we know that blue light is what is emitted from our digital screens and we are exposed to it in a high amount. This affects us causing eye strain and fatigue and affecting productivity. We know to prevent such a situation, one must switch to anti-blue light glasses which block the blue light from reaching the eyes.

Everybody does get themselves a full body check-up but not a routine eye check-up. We usually ignore the need until we face something urgent. If we go for a regular check-up we could actually avoid such situations and even prevent any underlying issues.

There are specific age groups that can avail the free eye test.

When do you need a regular eye checkup?

Your eye check-up should be as per the need of your eyes and also as per the recommendation of the doctors. But the thing is that unless one goes for a check, how will the issues be identified?

There are no specific guidelines on when to get the eyes checked, but one can follow this routine for the best results.

  • From the beginning, before you put the child in school till the age of 18, one must get their children checked once every 4-5 years. The reason is that at the growing age, children have better optical capacity and strength than adults and they do not have to get tested regularly. Another important thing is that parents should closely observe the needs of their children if they show some discomfort and complain about blurry vision. It is advised not to ignore your child’s words and instead take your child to an eye doctor immediately.
  • From 18-30- This age group also does not need to get their eyes in regular intervals and 3-4 years will do fine. But at this age when you are working, you must make sure that your eyes are in good condition and should smartly switch to anti-glare and anti-blue light glasses for any further damage. Buy Blue light glasses will help your eyes to stay healthy and will make your vision better and more beautiful.
  • From 31 to 40- This is another age group that needs to get their eyes checked. One must know that eye check-up should be done by all but with age, the need and intervals changes. They must get it done every 2-3 years regularly.
  • From 41 to 59- After the 40s, one must know that the eye lens slowly starts losing its elasticity, they become much stiffer with the increasing age. At this point, one experiences issues while reading something written in small letters and even starts to lose focus. It is best recommended to consult a specialist. In such a situation, one switches to the reading glasses that have a magnifying effect and help one to read and regain focus. Apart from that, it would be better if they got their eyes checked once in 1-2 years regularly.
  • Above 60- It’s an age group that has no excuses for their skip of regular check-ups. This is the age where the person experiences difficulty in seeing and faces various eye-related issues. Apart from that, they must regularly visit an expert like every year for their routine check-ups as eye-related issues will be quite common.

Free eye test 

We do understand that many of you might not be able to have regular eye check-ups, at most places, they might be costly as well. This is the reason that most people try to skip their regular eye tests.

There are a few companies that offer free eye tests as well and one such company is Specscart UK, as they offer free eye tests in the UK at their every store, it’s just walk in or you can even get your appointment pre-booked. They have their store in Walkden, Bury, and Urmston, so anyone near the store or around the area can pay the visit and take the benefit from your free eye test. If you have your NHS vouchers with you well they do accept that as well.

Anti-blue light glasses 

As discussed before, vision correction should not just be your goal when you get your eyes checked, one must give due importance to what are the other factors that affect the eyes.

The issue of the blue light effect is severe and one must switch to blue light glasses to prevent any harm. Did you know these glasses can affect your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm at night?

Yes, while using your digital screens at night in a dim light condition, it gives an impression to the brain that it is already morning and hence you do not feel sleepy while looking at the screen. So it is best recommended to use night mode or use anti-blue light glasses at night. One actually must try to avoid the use of screens at night.

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