Rest Easy With the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

There is nothing like a warm bubble bath to let all the stress of the day melt away. The only annoying part of the bath is how quickly I always get a crick in my neck from propping myself up on the side of the hard porcelain tub. After about twenty minutes my neck always starts hurting so bad I have to cut my soak session short. Or at least I used to – that was before I found the everlasting comfort bath pillow.

This amazing invention is a watersafe pillow that makes my bathtub just as comfortable as my bed. Now I can spend an hour in the bathtub for a little bit of “me time” at the end of a long day. I may be in my own bathroom; but when I’m this comfortable I feel like I’m treating myself to the resort treatment!

If you desire to escape from your stress with a long and luxurious bath here is a list of my 5 essentials to transform any casual bathtub into a spa-like experience.

  1. Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

I’ve mentioned this already– but, seriously, this one simple addition to my bath routine completely changed the game for me. Before I was a quick rinse kind of girl. If I took a bath I always just got so uncomfortable. I always got out of my tub feeling disappointed. Then I bought one of these everlasting comfort bath pillows and  I immediately became the queen of relaxation. Now my husband knows not to bother me during bathtime.

This ingenious invention easily sticks to the back of my tub with its four sturdy silicone cups. After a bath with this comfortable pillow I feel relaxed and refreshed, no more stiff neck struggles. I can lean back, enjoy my book, and get in the relaxation I was always lacking during bathtime.

2. Aromatherapy Bath Bomb

Aromatherapy is an essential part of any spa experience. Finding the perfect aromatherapy bath bomb helps set the mood for the bath. Is it time to wind down? A lavender and chamomile bath bomb will soothe all the stress of the day away. Maybe this bath is the pre-party to a night on the town! An enchanting eucalyptus bath bomb will stimulate the senses while you relax in the bath; then, in no time, you’ll be ready for a night out with the girls.

Now that I love luxuriating in my bath multiple nights a week I’ve started quite a collection of bath bombs. I love stimulating my senses with alluring scents. Aromatherapy takes a bath from basic to beguiling.

3. Bath Tray

Now that I have become obsessed with bath time I keep finding ways to stay in my bath longer. Since I can easily prop myself up with my everlasting comfort bath pillow, why not luxuriate  in my sudsy haven – maybe even get a little work done? Or … get really into a new rom-com novel? With my bath tray I can lean back against my everlasting comfort bath pillow and have all the reading materials and snacks I need right at my fingertips. Plus, now I have an easy place to rest my wine glass or cup of tea.

4. Hurricane’s with Scented Candles

As we have determined aromatherapy helps elevate bath time to spa time. Basic candles don’t cut it when I am trying to live a resort lifestyle. That’s why I invested in hurricanes. These tall, chic, glass candle holders are completely safe to use in the bathroom. There is something magical about the way the candle light flickers against the glass that adds a sense of romance to the room.

You can use any type of candle in these; however, I prefer to use scented candles to enhance the aromatherapy experience. I like to match my candles to the bath bombs I’ve selected. If I’m having a soothing rose scented bath I may light lilac and peony scented candles. This will turn my bathroom into an enchanting garden on a moonlit night.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, if you want to complete your spa sensory experience you will need a bluetooth speaker. This way you can drown out the noise coming from your husband watching the game in the living room– or is that just me?

Having a portable bluetooth speaker is great for so many occasions but I love using it to elevate my bath. If I’m getting ready for a night out I’ll pop on some fun music while I have a bubble bath and sip an aperol spritz. If I’d had a long day I’ll put on a guided meditation, lean against my everlasting comfort bath pillow, and let the soothing scents and sounds transport me to a more peaceful place.

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