SAP Business One for Pharmaceuticals Industry

Global pharmaceutical industry has seen significant advancements over the past few years and also due to worldwide pandemic Covid-19, pharmaceutical industry has been in the midst of news every day. With ERP software like the SAP Business One, you will be able to integrate all the processes like the formulation, routing, operations, quality and costing to improve the efficiency of the business operations and to respond quickly to the industry demands.

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So how can the SAP Business One help the pharmaceutical Company

  • Whether it’s the raw material, finished products, or the intermediary goods all can be allotted a lot number, things like the procurement date, expiry date, receipt from the production can be monitored well and tracking of the movement of the goods can be done easily with the help of SAP B1.
  • You can use the Run Master Batch work and order on finished products and the associated process with SAP B1, Allocation of the resources on the work order like labour, process or machine costs updating of the work order at different stages of production and associated reports, there is option to issue more quantities of the ingredients at different stages like the batch production and batch reconciliation
  • With SAP Business One it is much more easy to maintain a record and certificate of analysis, Quality based check/rejection management process management, results of tests, efficiency in complain management, identification and removal of the substandard items, inspections and tests on goods at different processes. You can do all this with SAP Business One so that the quality standard at each stage of production is maintained properly this will help the company in producing quality products which will help it in improving the brand name of the company
  • Whether you are into one of multi bill of materials to manage recipes or routing in the production stages. There is calculation of the yield and track of the product during the stages of production, management of the by-products, raw materials potency, and other key attributes cab done easily with the SAP Business One.
  • Management of the events by using the automated workflow and alert facility of the SAP B1. Features like the secure traceability, secure audit track, archiving the historical transactions and electronic signature approving, all this can be done easily for the pharmaceutical company by the SAP Business One.
  • Warehouse and cost management of any pharma company can be done easily with the help of the ERP software, SAP Business One as all the inventory levels can be easily seen real time, this helps the production manage in accessing the needs and ordering the goods in that way.

With the competition in the pharmaceutical industry increasing and also the number of formulation made and needed going up with each passing day, there is a need for modern day business solution like SAP Business One which can help them in management of the processes and help the company in maintaining the quality standards of the products.

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