T Shirt Printing, How Much Does It Cost?

A t-shirt becomes an effective trick for building a brand, spread a message, or promoting something. It becomes more popular because you can use an online t shirt printing service. The online service is even ready with a simulator, so you can design the t-shirt by yourself. Then, they will help you to produce and send the result to you. So, how much does the t shirt printing service cost? Check the detail below

The material

The cost of a printed t-shirt depends on the material of the t-shirt. Cotton is one of the most popular materials because the cost is less expensive, yet it is comfortable to wear. The services often offer 50/50, 100%, and 20s cotton. A 50/50 cotton t-shirt means that the manufacturers blend between 50% cotton and 50% polyester. A 20s cotton t-shirt is made of a 20s or 180 – 220 g/m2 thickness. Some t-shirt manufacturers also produce tri-blend t-shirts. It is another popular material due to its softness and comfortableness. This product is made of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Due to the use of three materials, the cost of tri-blend t-shirts is more costly than cotton.

The Short Sleeves or Long Sleeves

The cost of short and long sleeve t-shirts is different. Indeed, a custom long sleeve shirts t-shirt is more costly than a short one. The longer the design or model, the more material the t-shirt needs and the more expensive the cost.

The Size of the Printing T-Shirt

T shirt printing services are ready with several t-shirt sizes, such as S, M, L, XL, and even XXL. Some services even offer XS, XXL, and XXXXL for people with special sizes. Indeed, the larger the size of the t-shirt, the more expensive the t-shirt.

One side or Two Sides Printing 

The cost of one side and two sides printing t-shirts is also different. The more ink used in the printing process, the more costly the price of the t-shirt. It is the reason why custom t shirt printing services often ask for additional costs for two sides printing t-shirts.

Type of Ink and Coloring Technique 

The ink and coloring technique has an important role in the t shirt printing business. Both of them determine the quality of the images printed on the t-shirt. That’s why you may see t-shirts with printed images that are easy to fade when you wash them. On the other hand, some t-shirts with high-quality ink and coloring techniques are durable even after washing them a few times. The coloring techniques are including NeoPigment non-white, NeoPigment with white, and rubber with white. NeoPigment non-white is a coloring technique using white color ink with soft and blended or absorbs into the t-shirt. NeoPigment White is a coloring technique by using white ink for the base before printing it in other colors. The Rubber White technique gives a solid and brighter color. It doesn’t absorb the material. The drawback is that you can’t iron the images.

The Deadline 

Custom t shirt printing services will also consider the deadline of your order. The shorter the deadline, the more costly the price of the t-shirts. Check the regular working time of the company before ordering the t-shirt. It is better to ask first how long they can finish your order. The time to finish the order is also depending on how many t-shirts you order. They may need more time if you order a lot of t-shirts. So, find out the working standard of the t shirt printing company, including their working time and capacity. Some t shirt printing services also offer a super rush package where they can finish the order faster than the regular time. Indeed, you have to spend extra money on it, yet it may be worth it if you need the t-shirts immediately.

How To Check the Cost of A Printing T-Shirt 

A professional t shirt printing service will include their price lists on the official website or online store. You can check the regular prices there. You even can check the additional money you have to spend for a specific requirement, such as two sides printing, specific sizes other than the regular sizes, a specific model other than the regular models, and many more. As a result, you get a unique and comfortable printing t-shirt to wear. Indeed, the t-shirt can also represent a goal you want when you are wearing it in public.

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