Technical Support in the Form of White Glove Logistics

The world we live in is changing rapidly, thanks to new and innovative technology and one of the fastest growing support sectors is technical logistics, which is no surprise when you consider the wide range of technical equipment that is emerging at this time. The support services offered by the white glove logistics company would include the following.

  • Final Mile Delivery – When a large and expensive piece of equipment such as an MRI scanner is ready for installation, the manufacturer would deliver the equipment to a location close to the final destination and the white glove team would handle everything from this point onwards. There is a lot of planning involved with such a project and the technicians would survey the site in advance, working out exactly how they will move the equipment to its final resting place.
  • IT Hardware Disposal – When a large company decides to replace all of their IT hardware, this is a job for a company such as Rhenus High Tech, a leading UK white glove logistics provider. The hardware would be disposed of according to WEEE directives and in most cases, they would install the new hardware, ready for use.
  • Data Centres: Installation & Relocation – Whether building a new data centre or relocating an existing one, the white glove logistics provider can install and relocate data centres, as required by the client. They handle every aspect of the project, including climate control and installing the racking.
  • Reverse Logistics – When technical equipment has reached the end of its lifespan or needs to be returned to the OEM for repair, the white glove team carry out the work as requested. Often a piece of equipment is acquired for demo purposes, then it must be dismantled and returned to the manufacturer. If you run an e-commerce business, here is some information about high risk transactions.
  • Full Technical Installation – From ATMs to train ticket vending machines, the white glove team work across the UK installing and servicing a wide range of technical equipment. The technicians must regularly attend workshops in order to gain the certification to work with specific types of equipment and each team tends to stick to a certain type of equipment.

Industries That Rely on Technical Logistics

The white glove logistics company services many business sectors, including the following:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Gaming & Vending
  • Mass Transportation – Access control.
  • Healthcare – Technical medical equipment installation and handling.
  • Retail

As you travel around the city, you will see technical equipment that requires specialist handling and as time passes, there will be more technical equipment, as we move into a new dimension of the digital age.

If you are technically minded and are looking for a challenging career, you might like to think about gaining certification to become a white glove technician. This career would ideally suit a person who is technically adept and would like to learn more about complex technical equipment; full training would be given to suitable candidates. Here is some UK government advice on choosing a career.
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