Thailand – A Premier Rehab Destination for Western Addicts

Health tourism is a huge industry in Thailand with people travelling from all corners of the globe to have elective surgery in one of the country’s many state-of-the-art, award-winning private hospitals. Similarly, Thailand is now a premier destination for drug and alcohol rehabilitation due to the fact that its luxury treatment facilities offer a standard of professional inpatient services that is on par with what is provided in countries like Australia, the UK and Canada – but at the fraction of the price.

Due to the affordability of world-class rehab in Thailand, most addicts opt to do their addiction treatment program at an inpatient centre because they can stay for longer periods of time. Inpatient recovery programs require clients to check themselves into a controlled environment to ensure that they are not exposed to any situations that could worsen their addiction, increasing the likelihood of maintaining sobriety.

What is rehab in Thailand like?

Starting with detox (if needed), a rehab centre in Thailand will support and guide you through a program of individual therapy and group counseling, using tried and tested recovery treatments such as the 12 Step Program and CBT. Clients can also access more holistic and relaxing treatments such as massage, mindfulness training, Buddhist teachings, acupuncture, reiki and spa treatments. Together, these deliver the foundation and skills you need to embark on a fulfilling life of sobriety.

A 30-day inpatient drug or alcohol addiction treatment in a luxury rehab in Thailand costs an average $10,000+. This includes all of the activities and services you’d expect from a five-star resort, as well as access to personal trainers, dieticians and a holistic approach to recovery. In Western countries, this kind of luxury treatment as an inpatient would be well over $40,000.

The pros

By seeking rehab support in Thailand you will be able to stay in treatment for longer and afford a better quality of care and accommodation for yourself as you tackle some really big issues. There’s also the benefit of being far from all of the emotional triggers from home such as abusive relationships, stresses of work, family pressures and the influence of those who you have consumed drugs or alcohol with in the past. Many people who seek addiction therapy in Thailand also appreciate the Buddhist influence on everyday life.

For people suffering from addiction who find themselves with limited options back home – one of the biggest advantages is that you will be able to access world-class support as soon as you want it in Thailand. There are no six-month waiting lists. Help is available right now.

The cons

For some, being so far from home is not possible due to family or work commitments. You may also find that whilst Thailand has actually got a globally recognised reputation in the provision of rehab, some family members may be sceptical that a country like Thailand can offer such top quality rehabilitation services at such affordable prices.

Tips for choosing the best rehab in Thailand

It is a huge step when an individual with a drug or alcohol addiction recognises that their use has become a problem and makes the move to seek help. Encouragement, positivity and understanding are crucial as they take their initial steps towards a life of sobriety. It is necessary to look for proper treatment as soon as possible during this stage. Otherwise, they could lose motivation or start to second guess themselves.

Even though time is of the essence, the process of finding the right rehab requires proper research and should not be rushed. After all, choosing the right rehab centre is a decision that can profoundly impact a person’s journey to recovery. The difference between the right one and the wrong one can be the difference between successful recovery, relapse or worse.

When it comes to choosing the best rehab in Thailand, it is important to keep in mind that the best rehab is one that meets your personal needs. Therefore, you need to think about your situation and look for a rehab that offers what you are after. Some important factors to consider include:

  • Do you need to detox?
  • How long have you been addicted?
  • What is the severity of your addiction?
  • Have you attended rehab before and relapsed?
  • Are there any co-occurring disorders present?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your home situation like? (I.e. Are you surrounded by stressors and triggers?)
  • Do you want anyone to know?

Take the time to answer these questions honestly and thoroughly before starting to do your research so you know exactly what to look for. When choosing a drug and alcohol rehab centre that is less comprehensive and less flexible than your standard requirements in terms of its treatment offerings, it is important to carefully weigh the potential cost savings alongside the likely reduction in overall effectiveness for your specific condition.

The team at Thailand Rehab Guide are accustomed to dealing with international clients who are looking for rehab options overseas. They provide practical advice and information about every aspect of treatment and rehab options in Thailand, no matter where you are on your recovery journey. This removes a lot of the potential stress that comes with the process of seeking treatment so that you can focus completely on what matters – your recovery.

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