The best tokenization services for your business

The best tokenization services for your business

The tokenization market is fast approaching many enterprises and companies. Many parties are embracing asset tokenization to change the way they manage assets and investments.

The main game changer that comes from tokenization is that it creates great opportunities for people who want to invest but don’t have a large capital to start.

For instance, a million-dollar painting can be shared with many owners thanks to tokenization. So, each individual will have the opportunity to have fractional ownership of the particular art. It can also work for many kinds of assets.

Tokenization services have become important solutions for many parties. In fact, the adoption of tokenization in many industries has been unstoppable.

Tokenization services for art

The art market’s challenges are obvious. It lacks transparency. The trade restrictions from one country to another make it harder for art to be tracked. The high fees for a single art piece can also be the reason for the low liquidity. It is almost impossible for the average individual to take part in art investment. The industry itself is exclusive only to the richest and most high-profile people.

The tokenization, on the other hand, allows ordinary retail investors to participate in the art investment.

With the tokenization service, it is possible to create immutable art registrations, art certifications, copyright documentation, ownership transfers, and so on. Since the ownership can be shared with certain owners, it provides instant liquidity and low fees.

With the tokenization service, it is also possible to conduct online P2P trading or exchange of art. Safe transactions will be vouched for by the developers. In the future, there will be DeFi exchange solutions that allow art fans to purchase and sell art without the intervention of a third party.

Fractions of million-dollar artworks can be traded in the global marketplace, giving everyone a chance to profit from the art products.

Tokenization services for real estate

Real estate tokenization is one of the pioneers of tokenization services. In its early states, the tokenization of property revolves around the capital raising of property and fractional ownership of the existing real estate.

But in reality, the business models are plentiful. You might see the different solutions that come from one agent to another. And most of these business models are fantastic.

One of them is the renovation of distressed properties. The particular tokenization model aims to identify specific objects in bad condition, raise the funds to buy them, hold renovations to bring them into good condition, and then flip them for profit. In this business model, the investors will get a one-time profit. They can attain the profits one or two years after the initial investment.

The example above is just the tip of the iceberg. On the real estate tokenization, there are dozens of different models to consider.If your company is involved in real estate, please do not hesitate to contact INC4 for assistance with tokenization.

Tokenization services for collectibles

There is also an opportunity to tokenize the collectibles. You might be part of a specific cult or group who is interested in particular niches. The collectibles are not entirely transparent in the usual marketplace. It is rather hard to track down the real owners of the collectibles. When it comes to authenticity, it is also tricky to conduct the process of authentification.

Here is where the tokenization services come in to help.

There are some models from which you can choose to help you tokenize some collectibles.

One of them is by applying the NFT to particular collectibles. The NFT can replace the paper certificates. The problem with paper certificates is that anyone can forge them. But not with the NFT. Once it is minted, no one can tamper with it. While NFT replaces the paper certificates, the owners could also hold the “real items” in their possession.

The other possibility is only using the NFT without attaching the real-world items to them. It is usually a great option for fractional ownership of the collectibles.

Some collectible prices are too wild out there. That’s why some people who have a limited budget can be helped with the fractional ownership option.

Tokenization services for intellectual property

Intellectual property rights are one of the trickiest aspects of business. Patents or copyrights frequently disappoint the true creator of the property.

The tokenization of intellectual property rights will change particular sectors in a much better direction. Soilution will provide more liquidity, collaboration, and ethics in the world.

Every creator has the opportunity to promote their creation to the world as well. After the tokenization, the owner can reserve the patent. The digital token will be granted to represent the patent’s rights.

The ownership is packed into the token, for instance. In this case, the equity tokens will be created to represent the patents on the blockchain. As expected, it will be safe and secure since the data is stored on the blockchain. If you intend to tokenize your patent or assets, you must consult with an intellectual property appraiser to determine the value of your asset.

Then there will be some paperwork to process. It will be easier to let your lawyer handle it on your behalf. Contact INC4 for further information about patent tokenization.

Tokenization services for investment funds

It is also highly possible to tokenize the investment funds and sell the shares on the safe blockchain. Inc4 is prepared to assist you in obtaining adequate management features for you and your investors.

Professional developers can help you complete the new structure to launch and conduct the tokenized fund projects. Or, you could also use the services to tokenize the existing fund structure.

The service is flexible and accomodating depending on your preferences and requirements.

If you want to explore more about the potential of tokenizing particular assets, you could reach out to INC4 for further information.

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