The Evolution Of Architecture In 2022    

While 2020 made the entire world go to a standstill and it was a point that would remind us of the inflection of world society, 2021 helped us adjust to the fact that the change will remain consistent and that we need to embrace it, bringing new perspectives in our lives. Also, it taught us to have faith in humanity and to be optimistic.

 The field of architecture is full of creative scopes, and the architects at Arizona Architects are coming up with fresh ideas which are new and inventive. As a result, some architectural trends are better versions curated by the architects inspired by existing concepts, while others are new.

Down here, we will talk about changes that make up high on the trend list of architecture in 2022-

  • Utilizing the outside spaces – This has been an ongoing trend recently, which involves using up the porch area and unused rooms and reconstructing them to be a part of the house. These spaces can be used to create a cozy corner and express your sense of aesthetic, like converting it into an Alfresco dinner space, or by building an entertainment area and a place to vibe and chill during summers or having a fireplace during winters by adding up flexible furniture. 
  • Better usage of technology – Recent advancement and innovations in technology has been implemented beautifully by architects to make intelligent homes. Nowadays, homes have in-built doorbells and intelligent thermostats. Also, some appliances are AI home-friendly, like smart televisions and Alexa. These technologies are getting better and developed with each passing day, and so are houses.
  • Eco-friendly or Green buildings – This trend was developed years back, and the architecture involved in building sustainable infrastructures has been improved. In architecture, the facilities now designed are low-consumption and more energy-efficient. These buildings also have water recycling technology implemented in it. Science has also helped develop eco-friendly, sustainable infrastructure that can use maximum natural light.
  • Improvising multifunctional spaces in homes – The pandemic changed the entire work culture and pattern. It also changed the working environment and changed the way and places we have been working from all these years. For the skilled architects at Arizona Architects, it was a challenge to build up space inside the home to enhance the Work from Culture and enhance their productivity. These required building up the houses with multipurpose areas, which would serve as a comfortable home while also providing the perfect environment for work culture. These include multipurpose surfaces, layering surfaces, and improved acoustics to convert a living room or a bedroom into a convenient working space. 
  • Return of the trend of simplistic approach in designing – There has been a return of the trend of keeping things minimal, especially around the materials used while building. There has been swapping of products to introduce more earthy tones in the houses using timber instead of concrete. Apart from that, it has also been ensured by the skilled architects that sustainability has also been kept in mind. 


These were some of the evolutions of architecture in recent 2022 that are most likely to remain trendy. If you have your house built and want these ideas to be effective in your homes, Arizona architects would provide you with the best ideas.

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