The Parsees cricket team

There have been many historic cricket teams from India that delighted fans of that moment. Currently, 1xBet best sportsbook India, and this site can provide good betting chances to all its visitors.

One of the most important historic teams from that part of the world was the Parsees cricket team, which was founded in 1877. The squad was also known as the Parsis team. They took part in many first-class cricket instances, with the most important of them being the Bombay tournament.

As it was customary during the late 19th century in Indian cricket, most of the teams that existed back then reflected ethnic and religious communities. In the case of the Parsees squad, they originated from the Zoroastrian people who lived in Bombay during those years. Currently, 1xBet India is the best sportsbook in the country that featured hundreds of cricket matches and tons of betting options.

Participating in the Bombay tournament

The Bombay tournament was also created in 1877. For this reason, the Parsees team participated on this championship since its very first edition. Using – easy bet in cricket can be done thanks to the simplicity of the platform and the impressive number of matches to wager on.

The European cricket team was the main rival on the Bombay tournament. However, there were many other squads in that competition, including:

  • the Hindus;
  • the Muslims;
  • and the team known as The Rest, which had people from all the other communities who resided in the city.

All the matches between those squads were quite interesting and exciting. All of them were recognized as first-class matches. There are easy cricket bet options in 1xBet in many other first-class matches, where fans of this variation of game can make their wagers in no time.

Going abroad

Since the Bombay tournament was the closest to a Cricket World Cup during the late 19th century, all the teams that participated there were highly regarded. The website has the most important worldwide cricket competitions, and it offers lots of options to place bets on them.

Because of this popularity, the Parsee team organized two tours to England. They took place in 1886 and 1888, and played dozens of matches in each of them. However, all these contests have been considered as unofficial. In the 1xBet platform it is possible to find dozens of cricket matches to wager at, including ODI, first-class, Test-matches, and more.

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