The Reasons For Popularity Of Cricket

Why Is Cricket Considered To Be One of the Most Popular Sports?

There are few sports that are as popular as cricket. Whether you are in the Orients, Australia, or in Africa, you will find societies have come together to enjoy the thrill and the frustration of cricket. From our research, we can conclude that the sport has over 2 billion avid fans worldwide.

And why is this so?

In this article, the team from Parimatch has put together a few reasons for you to consider. Parimatch is a licensed betting company with branches all over the world.

The ease of learning and play

Who wants to engage in a sport that is hard to learn? It goes without saying that most games have rules to them. But there are some sports (* cough ‘American football’) that have too many rules and contingencies. Cricket, on the other hand, has no such restrictions.

Once they have learned the basics of the game (and have the equipment and space), you can guarantee that they will become hooked on the sport. Follow the best cricket betting blogs to find tips and tricks of cricket match.

Physical and mental discipline

In this day and age where obesity cases have risen tremendously, it is key for society to consider ways in which they can keep healthy. Through running, weight lifting, and batting, you can create a strong body that will last you through the years, especially your latter years.

More importantly, one needs the mental discipline to train, focus on your gains, and maintain urges and demands. Consider two groups of youth, one immersed in cricket and another idling around. You can spot differences in the way they think, resilience in hardships, and also self-esteem.

Other mental skills that can be seen in cricket players include teamwork, tenacity, and leadership. These same skills can be implemented in the workplace, giving on the extra edge to rise above the competition.

Contribution to the economy

Cricket is growing annually, attracting individuals and businesses to the sport. If you don’t believe this fact, just perform a quick search on the same. Celebrities have been brought in to shoot advertisements and brands are investing millions of dollars in the name of marketing.

As cricket games are hosted internationally, fans need a place to rest their heads at night. The tourism and hospitality sectors have enjoyed increased earnings thanks to cricket tournaments and leagues planned on a regular basis.

Cricket betting sites have also taken advantage of the popularity of the sport, adding a new level of zeal and thrill to the sport. By placing your money where your mouth is, a cricket fan can be able to enjoy considerable returns from a well-placed wager.

Advantage of using Parimatch

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International Support

The most powerful organization from a cricket perspective has to be the International Cricket Council, the ICC. The body supports the sport in various countries and also organizes tournaments and regional leagues. Such well-planned moves have cemented the sport in the hearts of citizens.

From a regional or national perspective, there are bodies that set rules and govern such matters. We can take for example the Board of Control for Cricket in India, also known in short as the BCCI. This regulatory body handles Indian cricket affairs fairly.


Compared to other sports such as basketball or badminton, cricket does not have specialized infrastructure or equipment to be played. All you need is two able and willing teams, bats, a ball, and enthusiasm.

Provided that you have open ground, kids and adult beginners can come together to learn the sport. Once recognized, national bodies can come in, organize leagues, and improve the quality through competition.


From the information detailed above, it should come as no wonder that cricket is such a popular sport in the world. The game is easy to learn, has several health benefits, and is easily accepted by many societies. The future outlook of the sport is also positive, ensuring that future generations are bound to enjoy the same.

You can take your love for the sport to the next level by placing a wager on your favorite. And what better way than to use the leading service provider in the market, Parimatch? We have a wide range of betting services for you to consider. Get in touch with Parimatch today. 

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