Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Buying Medicines Online

Buying your medicines online is now possible! The medicines concerns are those that do not require a prescription. This is not surprising, because this new type of purchase has a lot of advantages. You no longer have to go to the local pharmacy to get your medications. Moreover, we see that the prices of most medicine online are cheaper. Discount programs are offered as well like a victoza discount card that can help you with your prescription expense.

In addition, buying medicine online is an opportunity for some consumers to avoid embarrassment or discomfort in public. This discomfort as to the explanation of the need for a drug intended to treat a pathology considered shameful (erectile dysfunction, hemorrhoids,…).

However, buying your medicines online can be dangerous as you are likely to come across unhealthy medicines. There are trustworthy sites like Canadian Pharmacy, but there are a lot of those who counterfeit medicine. In order to avoid such a mishap, we suggest that you be your advisor to avoid possible scams as much as possible.

There are some things to know about buying medicine online:

  • Only medicines that do not require a prescription can be sold on the internet. A list of these medications is accessible to everyone on the website of the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities.
  • However, there is a way to buy a medicine prescribed by your doctor with a doctor’s prescription, on the internet. Using a system called “click and collect”, a patient can purchase prescription medicine online. This system consists of scanning the medical prescription, then sending the scanned prescription to the pharmacy authorized to sell medicine online. On the other hand, the patient or a person charged by the latter must go to the pharmacy chosen to collect the medicine, while presenting the original of the prescription. The latter will be stamped and signed by the pharmacist.
  • In order to secure your purchases, be aware that all sites that sell medicine online must be linked to a physical pharmacy. These sites must be accredited by the Regional Health Agency.
  • To place an order for medicines online, you must complete a questionnaire relating to your personal data. Therefore, it is essential to verify that your personal data will not be used against you, or for harmful purposes.
  • To do this, you will need to ensure that the website on which you are going to make your purchases is hosted by an organization authorized to receive personal health data. An official list of authorized hosts is available for public consultation on the website of the Ministry of Health.
  • It is dangerous to buy medicine that is unknown to your body without the help of a doctor. Indeed, since the purchase of medicine online can be done without a prescription, you may be tempted to buy them knowing that it is the first time that you are going to consume them. Self-medication is a risk that can seriously harm your health.
  • Limit yourself to purchases of medicines that have already been advised by your doctor. Any attempt to experiment with new medicine from an online purchase is to be avoided.

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