Tools and Policies for effective HOA Communication: Phoenix

A lot goes into the management of an HOA. Looking after the finances, checking for repairs, making sure the members obey the rules, etc. Usually, the board is expected to look over these matters, but Phoenix HOA management companies are hired to facilitate the work in many cases. 

An HOA is an organization of several properties and its residents. In cases like this, when multiple people are involved in a community, the spread of information becomes essential. For this, special tools are needed to communicate with your community in various ways. 

There are many ways you can communicate with the community, be it via writing, on-call, or a video conference. The Internet and technology have made things easier for us in every aspect, and communication is no exception. 

You can find at least hundreds of tools on the Internet that are made just for communicating. Whether you want to make a new announcement or send out notices, it can be done within seconds. 


  • Email:

Written notices are the most common way of formal communication. Email is convenient in a lot of ways. It is easy to write and send one; there are no limits to how many people you can send a mail to, and most importantly, it is budget-friendly. You don’t even require a lot of data to use it. 

  • Video conferencing apps:

Face-to-face meetings are ubiquitous in HOA communities. But in case the members cannot meet at one place or one member is out of town, video conferencing tools are your solution. Many of these tools mentioned are free to use and are effective. 

  • Social media:

Social media is the most popular tool for today’s generation. Though not many older adults are on social media, most of them usually have Facebook account. To share any quick messages, you can create a group chat of the board members and send them. 

  • HOA websites:

If you are not interested to use the services of a different app, you can create a website for your own HOA and tailor it according to your needs. From sending out notices, notifications, and announcements to set reminders for important events, you can do it all. 

However, a well-designed website that is user-friendly and works smoothly will probably be expensive to make. So, if you have a high budget, you can go for this option. 

  • HOA software:

This software is ideally made for managing homeowner associations. You can schedule board meetings, record the length of meetings, manage information about the residents, and host portals where they can interact with each other. Residents can also pay their monthly dues using this software. 

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