Top 10 Famous Poker Pro Players From Japan

If you’ve never heard of these names, here are a few of the most famous pro players from Japan. They include Tsugunari Toma, Naoya Kihara, Masaaki Kagawa, and Yuri Ishida. Read on to learn more about their exploits and find out who you should watch out for. If you love poker ポーカー プロ and the Japanese culture, you will love these names!

Masaaki Kagawa

While the United States has banned organized gambling, Japan has produced a number of outstanding poker players. Although many of them haven’t achieved the sort of success that would make them celebrities, a few Japanese players have become world-renowned. One of these players is Masaaki Kagawa, who has a long list of accolades but has not played poker for several years. He has won the 2012 EPT Grand Final and remains fourth all-time in live earnings by a Japanese player.

Masaaki Kagawa, a 50-year-old former IT firm president, is regarded as one of the best players in the world. He has won more than $1.5 million in tournaments. Recently, however, he was arrested and charged with operating an Android malware ring. The ring involved the phishing of customers through an Android app that contained malware. Kagawa is accused of having distributed the malware to hundreds of thousands of users who were unaware of the malware.

Tsugunari Toma

There are many poker pros in Japan, and one of the best known is Tsugunari Toma. Toma started playing poker in 2011 and eventually made it to the Main Event of the 2012 APPT ACOP, winning $122,830 in the process. He later moved to Europe where he won first place in the 2016 EPT No Limit Hold’em Turbo Event and recently finished second at the 2018 EPT Prague.

While there are a few famous poker players in Japan, their scope is relatively limited compared to that of other countries. While there are several poker pros from Japan, none of them have come close to the global top tier of earning. Tsugunari Toma has earned just under $2.3 million throughout his career, which is about 7,000th in the world.

Yuri Ishida

There are many top-notch poker player ポーカー プレイヤー in Japan. Although their resumes aren’t as impressive as other poker stars, the country has produced some impressive players. Perhaps the most famous player to come from Japan is Masaaki Kagawa, who once topped the All-Time Money List. Sadly, Kagawa was arrested in 2013 and has not competed in an official tournament since.

Yuri Ishida is a highly successful female player in the world of poker. She has won numerous tournaments and has over $41,000 in cash. Despite her gender, she has been playing poker since 2010 and has become one of the most prominent female players from Japan. Ishida continues to tour the world and compete in various poker tournaments.

Naoya Kihara

A poker pro from Japan, Naoya Kihara, is a great example of how to improve your game and improve your winnings. Although she started out as a backgammon player, she switched to poker for its greater profitability. She was able to adapt easily to the poker game and quickly rose to the top of the world poker ranking. In addition to winning the world series of poker in 2012, Kihara is also a world-class backgammon player.

In addition to winning over half a million dollars at major poker tournaments, Kihara also acts as a poker ambassador for her country. He hopes to inspire more people to try poker in their home country. A few people have questioned whether Kihara can truly be called one of the top 10 Poker pro players from Japan, but he is a popular figure in his home country.

Yuki Ko

While many people may not know who Yuki Ko is, he is one of the top poker players from Japan. Ko started gambling professionally in 2013 and has since won numerous tournaments, including the Asian Championship of Poker (ACOP) Pot Limit Omaha in 2016. Yuki Ko’s career has also seen him win the Aussie Millions Pot Limit Omaha and the APPT Single Day High Roller Event. Yuki Ko is currently ranked 14th on Japan’s All Time Money List.

While organized gambling is prohibited in the United States, Japan has produced a number of outstanding poker players. While Japanese poker players don’t have the same track record as other famous people, their talent and dedication have helped them earn a reputation as one of the best in the world. The most notable player from Japan is Masaaki Kagawa, who once topped the All-Time Money List. However, Kagawa has had a rocky past that has cost him his reputation.

Phil Ivey

The famous Japanese Poker player, Phil Ivey, is renowned as the “Tiger Woods of Poker”. He dominated the game of baccarat and won the WSOP main event in 1995. At the time, Ivey had just turned forty, but his incredible achievements went far beyond that. In fact, Ivey has won over $11 million in live tournament cashes.


Many famous Japanese poker players are based in Japan, including Naoya Kihara, Maria Constanza Lampropulos, and Tyron Krost. He has won over 80 live events and a number of online poker tournaments, and his sociable nature and winning attitude have earned him a cult following. These are just some of the famous Japanese poker players from Japan. If you are an avid poker player, be sure to follow the news to stay on top of all the latest news and events.

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