TOP 5 Extras You Are Asked To Pay When Rent A Car

Let’s suppose you are going on a family vacation next week. Where to? You know, even if you don’t have much time but want to cross California and drive to several cities, you can rent a car and bring your plans to life. Renting a car should be pretty simple, right? There are many places where you can rent a car, like from the airport location or somewhere from the city agencies. Even if you need to fit more than 10 passengers you can contact 12 passenger van rental in San Jose CA

Don’t lose your chance to rent a car far in advance. This is how you may be able to find a good deal with one of the rental agencies in an unknown location and even find a way to cut the costs somehow. What are you going to do with the offered extras?

Extras you should remember when renting a car

Remember, when renting a car you may need some extra money. Why? When you step at the rental counter you will be asked if you want to pay for some extras. Sometimes, one of these extras can be included in your car rental bill. One way or another, this is what you are offered:

1. Insurance

You should think about it. This is, probably, one of the most useful extras you should pay for. When you buy insurance, you make sure that you’re not liable in any way for the damages. Of course, you shouldn’t buy coverage if you already have any. Your credit card also gives insurance coverage on rentals. You’d better check it before paying for the car rental insurance at the counter.

2. GPS

This car rental option is always in demand. As a rule, you have to pay for a car GPS for about $8 a day. You don’t need it if you already have your own GPS. Or, you can buy a car GPS just before the trip and then use it in your own car. Anyway, traveling through the unknown territory you’d better have a plan for your trip and timely GPS help. Mind it when you leave the car at the restaurant or hotel. If you lose the GPS, the car rental agency will charge you to replace its cost!

3. Pre-paid Fuel

As a rule, when you rent a car you’ll get it full so that you don’t need to break your head looking for a gas station in the airport territory. Get ready to be asked to prepay for gas. That means you shouldn’t worry about finding a place to fuel your car before you give it back. You just pay for gas and don’t have to fill up your car at the end. Just leave your keys and depart. Do you like this extra option? If you feel like you don’t need it, you’d better use your car GPS to find a good gas station at the airport or a city map. Check the prices!

4. Car upgrade

You will be asked for a car upgrade. What kind of? Let’s suppose you want to enjoy good spring weather and the brightest Californian views around. You may ask for a car with a sunroof. Convertible cars are very popular in California. Nevertheless, get ready to overpay, because the cost for the convertible car is higher than you’d pay for a mid-size or small vehicle.

5. Roadside assistance

As it was told before, accidents happen. Sometimes you may need roadside help with your broken car. How to get it? Your rental agency offers roadside assistance. That’s a good idea to add this extra help to your contract. Nobody wants to take the risk and pay for the car breakages from their own pocket.

You may order a child seat for your kids’ safe traveling. Or, you may order wheel chains for winter driving if traveling somewhere far from the South. You can order anything that you feel like you may need on the go and pay for it at the rental desk when picking up the rental vehicle. This extra payment doesn’t take much money but gives you something extremely important you can’t go without.

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