Top 5 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Fur Smell Better

If you have a dog, then you know that the smell of their fur can be less than pleasant. Whether your furry friend just got out of the rain or they’ve been rolling around in something stinky, it’s important to make sure they don’t stink up your house! In this blog post, we will go over 5 ways to keep them smelling fresh and clean all day long.

1. Brush Your Dog’s Fur Regularly to Remove Excess Hair and Prevent Mats

If you take the time to brush your dog’s fur every day, then it will make their coat shiny and clean. This also has the added benefit of ensuring that they don’t have any hairballs because brushing thoroughly removes excess hair from your pet’s body.

Kip Dog Boarding explains that brushing your dog’s hair also ensures the even distribution of the natural oils that are produced by the skin. This will make their fur softer and smoother without creating any tangles, making it easier to get rid of excessive shedding that can be left behind after a brush.

The important thing to remember is not just brushing in one direction like you would with human hair because your dog’s coat needs different strokes for optimum grooming.

Matted fur is a breeding ground for bacteria. The two main causes of this are from the fur becoming too long or not being brushed often enough. So, to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean, keep their fur brushed.

2. Bathe Your Dog with a Shampoo That is Specially Formulated for Doggy Skin

When a dog gets into something stinky like tar or poop, one way to get it out of their fur is by using a pet-friendly shampoo. First, brush your dog’s fur to get out as much of the dirt and grime that you can before washing it with soap and water. Then, use pet shampoo or other all-natural cleaners to scrub off any remaining residue. If you have time, rinse their coat several times so that you can make sure all the shampoo and dirt are off their fur and skin.

3. Take Advantage of the Sun and Let Your Dog Air Out Their Fur

The sun is a wonderful thing, and it can do wonders for your dog’s fur. Not only will their coat look shinier and more vibrant when they’ve had a good sunbath, but the UV rays also kill off any bacteria that might be lingering in their hair or skin which could cause an unpleasant smell.

When you’re outside with your pup, take some time to bask in the sun and let them do the same.

As long as your dog doesn’t roll in the dirt, this is also a good way for them to dry their fur after a bath.

4. Brush Them After They Eat

When dogs eat their food, they often get a lot of food and other things stuck in their fur.

This is why brushing your dog after you feed them will help to remove any residue that’s leftover from the meal. We suggest that you start by taking a damp towel and wiping away any wet food or grime on their face, then if possible, gently brush the area to remove any large pieces of food.

Then, since much of a dog’s odor comes from their mouths, consider brushing their teeth after meals to avoid smelly breath.

  1. Use Deodorizing Shampoos and Odor-Eliminating Sprays Made Specifically for Dogs

Remember, only use shampoo and fur-freshening products made for dogs. They contain ingredients that will not only make your dog smell better but also be healthy for them.

Spraying a deodorizing spray on their fur can help to remove any lingering odors as well, and you should do it after they have been bathed each time. This will keep your dog smelling fresh and clean for days and maybe even weeks!

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