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Unexpected benefits of using Instagram stories for business

At present, business organizations have realized the importance of social media marketing. Business professionals are leveraging the power of social media sites to boost sales and brand reputation. Among all the social media sites, Instagram is a popular choice for business organizations. Instagram users love to follow a business account and interact with it.

If you are using Instagram for your business, you should know about different types of content that can be posted. Instagram offers unlimited benefits for business organizations that you should be familiar with. One such benefit offered by Instagram is stories for businesses. Read on to know the unexpected benefits of using stories on Instagram for your business.

Stay in the thought of customers

Stories on Instagram occur on the top portion of a user’s profile and catch their attention. By sharing frequent stories, you will always be relatable to your customers. Every day, many businesses share Instagram posts, and you have to stand out among them. By sharing stories on Instagram frequently, you can create a buzz about your brand/business.

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Instagram creates a colored circle around your profile picture whenever you share a story. It helps customers in identifying that a business account has shared a new story. By posting stories frequently on Instagram, you can drive engagement. Also, you will stay on top of the customers’ minds.

Diversify your content

Many business accounts only share high-quality posts on Instagram or some videos. If you are sharing Instagram posts or IGTV videos once a week, you might not stay in the mind of customers. To drive maximum engagement, you need to post different types of content on Instagram.

Stories on Instagram automatically disappear after a day and there is no limit on how many stories you can share. By sharing multiple Instagram Stories Hacks a day, you can stay relevant to your followers. Sharing multiple high-quality posts in a day is harder than sharing multiple stories.

If you are sharing a new post or IGTV video, inform your followers by posting a story. Many Instagram users don’t browse the recent posts and only view the story section. You can compel them to view your latest post by talking about it in your Instagram story. You will get the best result on Instagram if you post different types of content via your business account.

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Real-time marketing with Instagram stories

Instagram allows you to record videos live and share them as a story. You can share a 15-second-long live video via Instagram story to catch the attention of your followers. For example, consider you are in a company event that isn’t broadcasted. You can share a sneak peek into the corporate event on the Instagram story to catch the attention of customers.

Many business owners share a highlight of their new product/service on Instagram by posting a story. By seeing the story, a buzz about the new product/service is formed among the customers. People eagerly wait for the new product or service to be launched.

Know insights via Instagram stories

Instagram shows how many people have viewed your story at any particular time. Along with knowing the number of story watchers, you can also know the exact usernames that have viewed your story. You don’t have to pay anything extra for getting this insight on Instagram.

People watching your Instagram stories continuously are interested in your business/brand. You can identify those viewers and can approach them via your business account. You can directly send them a direct message on Instagram and convince them to buy a product/service. You can also collect the email addresses of story viewers and can send them promotional emails.

Appear in your follower’s feed

Instagram algorithms will not always show your post or IGTV video on your follower’s feed. Your followers might be following many accounts and you have to compete with them to appear in their feeds. If some customers are highly interested in your account, your posts will be shown to them frequently and on the top.

For followers that do not visit your profile regularly, Instagram algorithms might not show your posts in their feeds. It is why business organizations use stories on Instagram to maintain visibility in the feeds of followers. You will appear in the feed of your followers whenever you share a story. You can also win back the trust of some customers by sharing stories on Instagram frequently.

Less effort

Stories on Instagram exist only for a day and can be raw photos or videos. As compared to Instagram posts, less effort is required in creating stories on Instagram. Instagram itself offers several stickers and GIFs that can be used to create stories faster.

Even if you are sharing raw footage in your stories, it is fine. You can use a video editor if needed to create noticeable stories on Instagram. Stories on Instagram can be created within minutes and offers a high engagement rate. By sharing raw photos/videos via stories on Instagram, you will enhance the transparency of your business/brand.

Many business organizations share behind the scene footage via stories on Instagram. It helps them in establishing a deeper connection with their customers. You can reach out to your target audience and show them something extra with stories on Instagram.

Engage/interact with your followers

Instagram allows your followers to reply to your stories. Make sure you reply to your followers who have replied to your story. You can also conduct a Q&A session via stories on Instagram. Instagram also allows users to create a poll in a story and ask their followers to vote.

There are several engagement elements offered by Instagram that can compel followers to interact. With stories on Instagram, you can interact with your followers and stay relevant to them. You can clear the queries and confusions of your followers via Instagram stories.

Save and reuse story content

If you want any story to appear as an Instagram post, you can do so easily. Instagram allows you to publish any story as a normal post whenever needed. You can also add a story as a highlight to your profile on Instagram. The highlighted stories will be shown on the top portion of your profile. You can choose to automatically save your Instagram stories in your camera roll. By doing so, you can repurpose content on Instagram whenever needed.


Have you optimized your Instagram with stories yet? Around 500 million Instagram users watch stories daily. They prefer stories more when it is posted from a business account. You can drive high engagement by posting stories via your business account on Instagram. Post noticeable Instagram stories right away! 

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