Web Design and SEO: How to Optimize Your Website for Higher Ranking

Web design and SEO is the development of SEO-friendly websites (websites that follow the best SEO practices such as fast load times, better user experience, quality content, and mobile-friendly designs). When you build SEO-friendly websites, you make it easy for the search engine to understand and rank your business’ site higher compared to your competitors. This increases traffic and clients in the long run. 

SEO affects how your website is found on the internet. That is why, when designing or redesigning your website, it is important to think of ways to optimize your website for Better SEO. Here are is a guide n how you can optimize specific aspects of your website. 

Design elements 

The design elements of your webpage should be determined by your website designer in Central Coast. Here is a few things your designer should have in mind. 

  • Code 

Designers mostly use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code your website. To achieve better SEO ensure your web designer uses simple lines of code that are easy to load. In addition ensure, the designer doesn’t use the flash sites as they are very difficult to optimize. 

  • Mobile friendly 

More than 80% of people access the internet using smartphones, and your website should be accessible to all of them. This provides a better user experience and also helps your chances of ranking higher since google considers mobile-friendliness and a ranking factor. The best way to achieve this is with responsive design, which makes the site accessible through any screen size. Responsive design also ensures the content remains the same in all devices. 

  • Content readability 

It is important for web designers to choose fonts and font sizes that are clear and easy to read. The designer should also leave space for copy. This is because you need a lot of informative and optimized content for you to have better rankings.

Site structure 

Site structure plays an important role in aesthetics and ease of navigation. It is also crucial in your google ranking. Here are what to keep in mind. 

  • Navigation 

`Navigation is a key aspect of a powerful user experience. Therefore, you should keep it simple and easy to understand. The easier it is for users to find the information they need, the more likely they will convert into customers. Complex navigation confuses users making them leave your site. 

  • URL structure 

Ensure each of your web pages has a descriptive URL, that clearly tells the user the content on the page. Words should be separated using hyphens not underscores. You can also add relevant keywords to the URL. 

URLs with descriptive words help search engines understand the content of your page faster and easily and visitors will also be able to remember your website design Adelaide easily. 


SEO and web design are closely related, thus you need to ensure they complement each other. That is why it is common practice to hire a web site design Company Central Coast to professionally create the site and add and maintain SEO practices. This ensures that the final result will be cohesive and of high quality.

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