Web Design And Traffic: How A Good Web Design Attracts More Traffic

A website is a sum of its parts- its aesthetics as well as its intellectual content, along with the call to action buttons and the level of engagement it has with the viewers. Mostly the landing pages of the websites are paid much attention, being extra well-made than the rest of the pages. Nevertheless, web design from Vancouver plays a supremely important part in attracting traffic.

But, what exactly IS a good web design?

For some websites, a good web design is simply an appearance that looks chic and glossy. Although it would not be wrong to include these elements in your website’s design, they are incomplete by themselves.  The basic trifecta one has to be aware about for designing a good website is-

  • User Experience

Users will only like to visit the websites that are interactive and interesting. Even though they might land on your website once, they will only return if they find it useful as well as authoritative in your chosen industry. This UX/UI experience is fuelled primarily by web design.

  • Content Relevancy

Relevancy seems like an easy concept to grasp, but practical applications of it are far- fetched for most businesses. Relevancy, in a deeper and more professional sense, means making sure you can predict what the customer wants or might like, before even he/she comes to know about it himself/herself.

  • Content Placement

Content placement plays a huge part in traffic conversion rates for your website. It is the part of web design that dictates the layout of each bit of ingredient that goes into making it as a whole. It includes the colour scheme, font, spacing, margins and text placement.

Some essentials of an exceptional web design that is proven to attract the most online traffic are as follows:

1. Predictable Placement Of CTAs

Avoid confusing the consumer by placing the Call-To-Action buttons at unexpected places, in weird and illegible fonts or vague instructions.

2. Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is in style and web design follows the trends. The more unnecessary material you have on your web page, the less appealing it will be. Simple as that.

3. Appealing and Non-Chaotic

Closely resembles the chaos is the collection of bold elements (headings, image margins, etc.) that takes down the appeal of the website by at least a notch. The less cluttered a website, the better it fares with the viewers.

4. Clarity In Description And CTA

Lengthy stories in descriptions make the product boring, even though it might not all be useless. Be straight, specific and sound in your descriptions. Use active words and phrases as it adds a sense of urgency. CTAs should be clear and concise instead of conceptual and crass.

5. Colour Scheme

Web Design is centred around getting maximum conversions out of the thousands of visitors who visit it. Over- complicated web designs tend to be too loud and in-your-face, which don’t serve the audience very well. When it comes to web design, especially in this day and age, simplicity and sophistication is key.

Using the website design elements to your advantage will always make you a winner in garnering ample traffic to engage and increase chances of conversion.

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