Wellness: What makes CBD oil so unique?

CBD oil is becoming more and more popular. It is especially popular with people who want to avoid smoking altogether.

Because of using CBD flowers, CBD oil, CBD hash, or CBD tincture, cannabinoids can be ingested.

It should also be noted that CBD is now 100% legal in France and Europe. You can, therefore, reach the best CBD flower shop online: and legally order your CBD hemp flowers online.

So, you can enjoy the many benefits of CBD with a clear conscience, without having a guilty conscience that you might be putting your health at risk. With high-quality CBD oil and our CBD flowers, which can be smoked, which are, of course, natural products without pesticides or herbicides!

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from hemp extract. It is an extract of the hemp flower of CBD hemp.

The various cannabinoids in CBD oil are extracted from CBD hemp through a unique extraction process to produce the famous and valuable hemp oil. Because CBD oil is made from CBD hemp, it contains only a negligible amount of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the intoxicating effects of some types of hemp.

So, of course, it does not fall under the drug law. It is freely available for sale and legally available in our store. To discover something new with us and find out the unique properties of CBD oil!

How to choose the appropriate CBD oil?

When deciding on the appropriate oil for you, you should pay special attention to the CBD concentration of the oil. CBD drops are usually obtained from different types of hemp with an exceptionally high concentration of CBD.

The concentration is important because many favorable properties are attributed to CBD. Taking CBD oil orally can help, for example, to relieve nervous tension or physical pain. CBD is also already part of some medications, such as antispasmodics, to treat multiple sclerosis.

CBD oil dosage

The assertion that plant and organic ingredients can be taken in any quantity you want since they are harmless is always a big mistake despite warnings from numerous competent doctors. So, the fact that organic elements found in a drug or products are natural does not make them completely free from side effects.

For this reason, before consumption, whether it is a natural or unnatural product, the dosage must be carefully evaluated. For example, even water can have harmful effects if taken in quantities greater than 10 liters of water a day.

The best-selling dosages are:

  • 10% CBD oil;
  • 20% CBD oil;
  • 30% CBD oil.

For this, it is essential to understand the importance of its optimal dosage so that those who use it can consider its consequences. Unfortunately, many CBD users are not yet informed about the correct dose that produces the best effects.

You need to follow some essential tips on basing yourself on body weight to understand this. In fact, as with any other drug, the amount of CBD is also dictated by body weight. Each person has a different tolerance level, so it is more appropriate for the body to react to a reasonable amount of natural ingredients to notice positive results.

Approximately, the dose of CBD for every 6 KG of weight should be around 4 mg maximum.

Another tip is always to try to start with a low dosage.

It is a universal rule for the consumption of drugs, natural or not, so to start, you can try a low dosage and gradually increase it if no positive results are achieved. Finally, consulting a doctor who knows the natural product is another essential resource to get an idea of ​​the ideal dose of CBD oil.

CBD oil for your daily well-being

The favorable properties of CBD can not only be enjoyed by CBD oil. In a wide range of CBD products online, you will find all the best CBD products concerning wellness.

How about a delicious hemp tea and organically grown fruit tea? Or CBD oil that is particularly suitable for oral intake?

Regarding nutrition, CBD is rich in valuable omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, making it a healthy alternative to many other edible oils.

The CBD content also positively affects the skin, thanks to its nourishing effect. In hemp food, you can choose between different CBD products suitable for consumption.

But, we also take care of the nourishing properties of CBD in our cosmetics. In this case, you can use, for example, CBD oil, which is particularly suitable for use as a massage oil for a beneficial joint massage.

CBD oils in the cosmetic category are high-quality essential oils. They are mixed with a natural oil like coconut oil, for example, and only enriched with CBD extract. This combination is ideal for use as a relaxing massage oil. For example, a good quality CBD oil can relieve headaches, like the one you can legally find online at

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