What Everybody Should Know About Scotch & Soda

Are you an avid fan of one particular brand and want to know their history apart from wearing them?

The brand Scotch & Soda embraces Amsterdam’s free spirit. Endlessly cheerful, they are motivated by their hometown’s liberal viewpoint, embracing originality, integrity, and the ability of self-expression to produce the one-of-a-kind philosophy represented in their creations.

The Brand’s Vision

Their collections reinvent daily clothing by seamlessly combining the expected with the unexpected. And to provide an original style, they dare to blend traditional and contemporary, vibrancy and print, and roughness on texture. Yet, they are grounded in reality and always intensified with intriguing details.

It is one thing to create gorgeous clothing that feels nice, and it is another to ensure that your clothing does not have a negative impact on the environment. It is why designers also envision a world in which everything is produced sustainably. Therefore, one of their main goals is to manage the company with more sensitivity to the surroundings by making more rational decisions each day that minimise the environmental effect.

The Brand’s Story

They were already producing apparel since its conception as a wholesale business in 1985. The proprietors at the time, vogue thinkers Leonard Buzz, Leonard Feinblatt, and Harry Schofield, were so confident in their technique that they conducted no promotion, depending exclusively on term suggestions. “There was no bunch of pomp and show,” according to Joseph Suchodolski, the institution’s marketing and public relations manager based in New York. “It flourished by staying within the radar and allowing the quality of the clothing to speak for themselves.”

While its essence is Dutch, the clothing’s influence originates from all around the world. Each designer is urged to tour the world and bring back objects that have inspired them. It might be a picture, a poem, an antique hat, or even a stone. The team then creates a collection based on that. “Treasures discovered on worldwide travels are infused into designs and signature styles that clash periods, classics, locations of inspiration, matching up unusual materials and patterns,” its website says.

This technique worked for decades, and Scotch & Soda grew organically. They had distinct men’s and women’s collections, a children’s selection, an Amsterdam Blauw denim brand, and perfumes (Barfly). And by 2010, the company’s first US branch, a headquarters in Soho, had opened. Meanwhile, London acquired two shops of its own in 2012.

The Brand’s Collections

Despite being born in Amsterdam, its men’s, women’s, and children’s collections are their greatest representations of artistic freedom. They combine creative style with sophisticated practicality to provide everyone with modern, adaptable clothing that lasts, from eccentric statements to beautifully textured basics.

Amsterdams Blauw, a premium denim series, maintains the same idea, trying to cast the foundations of your regular outfit with surprising washes, patterns, and materials, like raw cotton denim, organic cotton, and Japanese selvedge, time after time. Their attention to detail extends to your distinctive footwear and eyewear, with their contradicting colours, textural plays, and handcrafted details, making them eye-catching complements to any ensemble.

Both girls’ and boys’ collections promote colourful self-expression in all their youthful energy. Fun-loving designs are bursting with vibrant brights, patterns, and embellishments, with each item prioritising comfort and efficiency for simple, daily wear; this is great with their next trip.

Knowing the story behind your favourite brand makes you understand how successfully they brought your sought after item to the market and will make you want it more.

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