What is Infinium Fibre Optic Cable, and Why is it Better?

Have you ever thought about how you get emails and other information from any corner of the world within a blink of an eye? That has been made possible by a network of cables laid under the ground and below the ocean.

The cables which carry most of the world’s data are optical fiber cables. They are also used in medical pieces of equipment.

With this constant innovation in AI and IoT, massive data boomed, creating the need for data center management, end-to-end encryption, and top tier security.

However, due to increasing data production, there has also been an increase in loss of information, increased downtime, cable management and handling issues, efficiency problems, and flexibility issues.

To overcome all these issues, Legrand proudly introduced a one of its kind cable management system called Infinium.

Legrand fiber optic cables redefined the data centre’s performance by planning and making the foremost advanced network system referred to as Infinium Quantum, Ultra and Core. In addition, Legrand is known for its ultra-low-cost Fiber optic cable.

What is Infinium Fibre Optic Cable?

Infinium fibre optic cable is an advanced end-to-end fiber optic system that comprises patch cords, cassettes, trunk cable and panels designed to yield the lowest performance in today’s data center market.

Optical fibers are made of thousands of fiber strands. They carry information equivalent to the speed and form of light. The Infinium optic fiber cable is a solution that helps to deliver headroom, latency and future proofing in the best possible way at the lowest loss.

Why is Infinium Fibre Optic Cable Better?

You will be surprised to know how bandwidth applications have strict loss requirements, thereby increasing the difficulty of future flexibility.

Legrand’s Infinium fiber optic cable has become the industry’s leading case management system. It can easily attain future flexibility in bandwidth applications with stricter loss requirements. Hence, it leaves entire headroom and flexibility to add components while using 400G bandwidth and beyond that in future.

The Infinium fiber optic cable system is engineered with installation efficiency and performance. It can be installed in any finance, Healthcare or Internet of things technology. It is designed to provide energy savings of up to 30% on the basis of transceiver power consumption.

●      More Headroom

Infinium fiber optic cable is an industry-leading optical headroom enabling Lite Transceiver that delivers more light with less loss at lower electricity consumption. It gives 0.75 dB total channel connection loss, increasing the data centre bandwidth while simultaneously lowering the latency.

By installing Legrand’s Infinium fiber optic cables, you will be saving for the future. In addition, it will allow you to maximize your space and productivity and ensure superior data centre management.

●      Future Proofing

In fact, every megawatt of power used through the Infinium cable will help create 1072 lbs of CO2. By utilizing Lite Transceivers and lower cooling, you will be able to save millions of megawatts of electricity per year.

Thereby it helps in reducing the production of CO2 emissions, which can add up to removing more than 800 cars per year from the road.

Thus, choose Legrand’s Infinium fibre optic cable system over any other cable. It offers the lowest total system loss on the market, challenging the limits of what was formerly unimaginable.

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