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What is the Best Mattress for heavy people?

Every mattress is built for a certain body type and it is important to get as per the body requirement. There are some attributes that make the mattress feel more comfortable like how thick and firm the bed is, the materials used to make the comfort and support layers, the foam density feel, & the coil gauge. Mattresses come in different types to provide comfort to individuals. For people who weigh more than 230 pounds, it is effective to use a mattress that provides strong support and comfortable for sleeping comfortably. According to research, it is analyzed that most beds cannot able to handle the weight since they are not built to meet their needs which makes it difficult to find the best mattress. Thus, choosing the tough soft support mattress for heavier people is one of the best choices to opt for. So,  If you’re looking for a bed mattress intended to accommodate heavier weights, you’re in the right place. We at Sleepshopinc will help you out with choosing the best mattress for heavy people https://thesleepshopinc.com/best-mattress-for-heavy-people/

1. Idle Talalay Latex Hybrid

This mattress comes with providing the perfect medium-firm feel. To support heavier people using the latex construction Hybrid mattress is one of the best options. Choosing a mattress as per your size and weight that doesn’t sink too much and leave body impressions is important for getting sound sleep. It is one of the best options for a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, or for all arounder sleepers.

  • Extra-firm support for sleepers
  • Choose flippable firmness on either side
  • Ventilation throughout the covers
  • Effective for relieving back pain for side sleepers
  • Lifetime warranty of Idle Talalay Late hybrid

2. Idle Dunlop Latex Hybrid

By providing the extra cushioning feel this mattress is Idle for heavier people. It provides medium-firm support for a good night’s sleep. It is an eco-friendly mattress made of entirely organic cotton. The Latex foam helps in staying cool when compared to memory foam. The cover adds ventilation and keeps you cool throughout the night while sleeping.

  • Helps in staying cool
  • The ideal mattress for hot sleepers 
  • Support stays consistent
  • Organic and eco-friendly mattress
  • Lifetime warranty

3. PlushBeds Luxury Bliss

The Plushbeds Luxury Bliss mattress provides extra support and wasn’t like your average memory foam mattress. With the plenty of cushions feel it will adjust according to your sleeping position. Heavier people will love the way this mattress feels because it’s much denser than other materials & also responsive. If you switch sleeping positions throughout the night then choosing Plushbeds Luxury Bliss will be a great option for you. 

  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Firm mattress from preventing feeling stuck
  • Eliminates pressure for most sleep positions

4. Purple Hybrid 

The Purple Hybrid mattresses are available in the three thicknesses polymer forms including 2 inches, 3 inches, or 4 inches. The thicker the polymer the softer you will feel. It helps in temperature regulation that means prevents your body from overheating and keeps you cool throughout the night. 

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic materials Mattress for heavier people
  • 12-year+ warranty
  • Available in multiple thicknesses and firmness levels
  • Prevents body from overheating 

5. Zoma Hybrid- Best Mattress for Heavier People

Zoma mattresses designed for athletes who are stronger physically. It is available in several different types of foam as well as pocketed coils. This mattress has a special feature that provides support over the entire mattress and helps in distributing weight. You will never feel like we were going to fall off while sleeping on Zoma-Hybrid Premium Mattress. 

  • Affordable mattress for heavier people
  • Distributes weight equally while sleeping
  • Provides extra relief around the hips and shoulders

Wrapping Up

We believe that you have got the right idea for choosing the right mattress for the heavier people. There are certain parameters that taken into consideration while picking up the mattress for you. All the above-mentioned information will help you with providing the knowledge for a good night’s sleep mattress. Other than this must look for the firmness, thickness, and other factors with small individual variations. For more information and details get in contact with us at Sleepshopinc and our team is there for your assistance and support for picking up the right mattress for heavier people. 

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