What’s About Forex Demo Competitions?

There are many advantages of participating in forex demo competitions. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for an incentive to boost your trading skills, these contests will allow you to learn about new trading strategies. They’re a great way to earn extra money without risking too much of your own money. Below we’ve outlined some of the rules and how you can participate.

Trading demo contests

The Traders Summit Demo Trading Competition is an excellent opportunity to improve your trading skills while earning real money. The competition is held by Eightcap Global Limited, a licensed and regulated broker. After you sign up for an account, you will be given access to the Traders Summit Demo Trading Competition.

These competitions are different from standard demo accounts in that they add pressure to your trading by offering prizes. In addition to financial rewards, traders will experience the mental pressure of trading real capital. Trading demo competitions can last for days or months. The winnings of these competitions can go up to $10,000. There are also other advantages of participating in trading demo competitions. The first benefit is that these competitions are free to enter. Then, once you’ve made your first deposit, you can try your hand at making trades with real money.


The rules of forex demo competitions vary greatly from broker to broker. Usually, they specify who is eligible for a competition, how the contest is played, and how the winners are chosen. Participants must follow all of the rules in order to avoid disqualification.

During the contest, you must use FXCM UK’s MT4 demo trading platform, which provides access to products that are restricted in some jurisdictions. Each participating demo account is initially set up with a balance of $50,000 with 200:1 leverage. Before the forex demo competitions, you are not allowed to make any trades on your account. You can use any strategy you like in the contest, including scalping. However, if you want to use a strategy that requires a low stop loss, you can enter a small lot, but don’t trade too much.


There are many ways to win prizes in forex demo competitions. Some contests reward the highest percentage gain while others provide a free forex trading platform so that participants can practice their trade strategies. Either way, participants are encouraged to win prizes, whether they win or not. Some contests are more lucrative than others, but they all serve one purpose – to attract new clients to forex trading brokers. For those interested in gaining free forex trading resources, you can read about these contests and find out more about them.

Some competitions require participants to verify their identity. To protect your identity, you should not use a proxy or other software to register more than one account for a demo competition. Some of these contests also require participants to prove their identity and address, so make sure to read the rules carefully. Otherwise, you may be disqualified and unable to withdraw your winnings. Those who won the competitions can win prizes worth thousands of dollars!

Participation options

One of the best ways to improve your trading skills is to participate in Forex demo competitions. Such contests are free to participate in, but you must be aware of a few factors before deciding to enter. Some competitions may have several entry requirements, including a verification document. Others may be restricted to a limited number of participations without having a live account. In any case, participating in a demo competition is a great way to hone your skills and sharpen your trading strategies.

One important consideration for traders participating in a demo competition is prize payment. Some brokers offer cash prizes while others offer trading credit. In the latter case, participants must trade a certain amount of the winnings before they can withdraw the money. There are different types of competitions, so make sure you choose the right one for you.

Tax implications

There are some murky tax implications of forex demo competitions. For example, some countries consider winnings from trading demo competitions as gambling rewards. Therefore, traders must pay tax on any prize money they receive. In addition, some brokers may require prize winners to manually claim their prizes. As such, traders should know what their tax obligations are before taking part in any demo competition.

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