Why Most Of Polish Casino Dealers Are Women

What are the odds that the dealer you will find in an online or land-based is a woman? You may never have thought about this issue, but you will definitely find that the majority of the dealers are women.

There are many women gambling in Poland and other parts of the world. However, the numbers cannot compare with men who play various games in online casinos. There is also an increase in real humans dealing with casino gaming services. The gamers don’t have to interact with chatbots anymore. Instead, there are gaming professionals who are ready to serve them.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you will realise that many dealers are joining the gambling space. Surprisingly, most entrants are women, especially in Poland, which explains an increase in casino women. We linked up with our gaming expert Jacek Michalski (view profile), to elaborate on why women have taken the casino dealership. Read on.

Why do the polish Casinos prefer women in the casino dealership?

Naturally, women are good at communication, planning, and making things work. Their laugh and smile keep elevating the players and putting them back in the right mood when the odds are not in their favour. You may be interested in learning how to become a dealer at a casino. There is no need to worry because most of the casinos will provide training and educational requirements are not that high.

They help the casino get better revenues which results in profits. They are also good leaders at the casino floors, thus making the operations of the casinos efficient. Here are the reasons why Polish casino women prefer being dealers

Favourable working conditions

The majority of the employees get motivated by a favourable working environment. When it’s friendly, they become more productive than when working in an unfriendly one. The prevailing gambling environment in most Polish casinos is suitable for the ladies.

The Polish casinos have good ventilation, good lighting as well as a clean environment. Some have fantastic dining with free meals for the employees. That keeps attracting many women to join the gambling space either as investors or gamblers.

Better pay

Everyone is currently looking for a job with good pay. However, such jobs are not many. The majority of the jobs are those that give the employees average wages. Among the top-paying jobs currently in Poland is a casino dealership.

Most dealers earn around $30,000 per year. Those at the entry-level qualify to earn as much as the average amount, and the average pay for the casino dealers is $25 per hour. Therefore, it’s the good pay that draws many women into casino gambling.

You will thus find such women in the kiosks selling scratch cards. However, the modern world is shifting towards online dealings. However, Polish players must understand how zdrapki przez internet works before getting started.

Availability of Tips

Tips form the biggest percentage of the dealers’ earnings. The more they serve their customers well is the more they increase their income. In most casinos, the tips are often put together and divided among the dealers. That promotes fairness and ensures that each dealer gets an equal share. The share each dealer gets is primarily dependent on their working hours.

Flexible Scheduling

Most casinos work around the clock. That makes it possible for the players to access their favourite gaming services at any time. On the other hand, such working schedules suit women.

It allows them to complete their home chores without many distractions. The scheduling is favourable for most women because they attend to their families and their house chores and get time to work.

Communication with many people

Women love communication. They also love working in environments that allow them to communicate with other people. That’s what the casinos provide. Most women like having chit-chats with the players, especially during the night shifts.

That allows them to cement a greater customer experience between them and the players. It also allows them to build on their networks. Communication also makes the women bring additional tips to the management.

That boosts their income hence an advantage to them. It also allows them to learn from the customers and know their needs. That way, they satisfy them fully whenever they go there.

From the above, it’s evident that casino dealerships have lots of benefits. Women get attracted by such benefits hence their huge number in the dealerships.

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