Why Should One Start A Video-Based Business Soon


Are you an entrepreneur who wants to do something new for your business? Also, do you have the capability to make videos online?

You would be wondering how these two questions are related. But the truth is, if you have the technique to make incredible videos, but aren’t using it in your business, then you are not putting twos and threes together.

Video content is unsurpassable in terms of its splendidness. As an entrepreneur, you could be undervaluing the potential of video content in the business. But don’t make this possible mistake.

If you want to provide necessary information to your consumers, increase traffic to your portfolio, and last but not least, boost your market, it’s time to start a video-based business soon.

Here’s why —


  • All of us humans would prefer something more appealing to our eyes than something ordinary, as many of us like watching Headlines of News on the T.V, than reading some boring newspaper with no images.
  • Videos can easily communicate the most tedious aspects, complex concepts, or technical instructions straightforwardly, which is more time-consuming and challenging to do with text.
  • According to research, a minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 Million words! Yes, it sounds insane, but that’s how it is.
  • In today’s fast-moving world, the text has gone old school, and people now prefer to watch something moving with their eyes fixed than rolling their eyes to read text.
  • Video content has the upper hand over text-based content because of its reliability and efficiency. You can get ten times fancier with videos than you could do with text.

Why is NOW the time to become a Video Entrepreneur?

Let us first consider some statistics published by the Custom Content Council.

  • It indicates that content marketing budgets dramatically rose to nearly $44 Billion. It has reflected a substantial move away from traditional advertising-based spending.
  • More respondents were to video reins, increasing from 54% to 57%.
  • There are a few statistics we should consider while keeping in mind the rise of video-based entrepreneurship: –
  1. 76% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing, according to Social Media Examiner.
  2. After 2016, 66% of traffic on the Internet was video traffic.
  3. The internet facility has become mature enough to become an amenity like food, water, or electricity.
  4. Due to bandwidth and high Internet speed, videos are now available to every person on Internet platforms.
  • Though everyone wants to create videos, it is tough for only a few non-tech-savvy people.
  • Have the confidence to bring themselves out in the camera and record a video.
  • Have the equipment, if not the knowledge, to create videos.

So in the future, there is going to be much demand for video entrepreneurs if they can provide services like: –

  1. Working in front of a camera, like a vlogger.
  2. Create an explanatory video and make slideshows.
  3. Recording customer testimonials and also making review videos.
  4. Make a ‘How to Basic’ kind of video of any product to demonstrate its use.
  5. Making branded content for social media websites
  6. They are editing digital content or making CGI effects for videos.
  7. They are distributing and marketing videos on YouTube.

And many more roles to fill!

What Is It Going to Take to Become a Video Entrepreneur?

  • First, like any other entrepreneur, you must have the zeal, the passion, and a primal urge to follow, with a great initiative and potential risk, the opportunity to capitalise on the unprecedented business opportunities that video presents today.
  • You should also not forget that taking this risk will also have many benefits.
  • While you need not be of so much artistic mindset, which professional filmmakers otherwise show, a video entrepreneur will need to learn and practice the skills required to meet market needs, people tend to make videos online as it is straightforward.
  • If you want to go to the next level, you might as well incorporate CGI into your videos, but this requires mastery of the other hand.
  • So, you will also need the special equipment for the same, or if you don’t want to buy extra materials, you should probably go to gain knowledge on how to fully exploit the kit that you have so that you get professional results from the same.
  • One more thing to see is that over 12% of companies create video content using software on different sites that enable you to make videos online using simple smartphones or primary cameras.


  • Just as we saw, graphic designers, web developers, application developers and writers saw a significant increase in the demand for their service, so the video designing professionals are also about to see a similar trend in their work.
  • Everyone knows that they need video in their lives to attract an audience or online consumers, but very few of them have.


Video-based content has become trendy, and there could be no better and more sophisticated idea than implementing it in your business strategy.

  • One should invest their time and aptitudes to make quality video content to promote their business.
  • Realising the prospect of video making is rather crucial as far as one’s business is concerned.
  • It’s not practical to allow your competitors to lead. Take action and establish your brand on firm grounds using videos.
  • There’s no need to be anxious about creating videos. Just remember various videos you can make, like explainer videos.
  • Video content creators have ever-increasing demands nowadays. It’s consequently essential for you to be one, to have maximum conversions for your brand.
  • With hundreds of hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, video content is not a passing whim.

“Your creativity and willingness to succeed only limit you.”

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