10 Things to Check Before Purchasing a Used Bike?

The shift of consumers from new bike purchases to used bike has been increased during and after covid 19. This is the reason of boom in used bike sales since 2020. And yeah! There is nothing wrong with buying a second-hand motorcycle, especially when in good condition and budget friendly. However, this has affected the selling of new bikes. The economic uncertainty and lower discretionary is a considerable reason too.

Is your need for a second-hand 2-wheeler? No worry, we are going to tell you about important factors to check before purchasing a used bike. Not only this, but you can also check the valuation of any used vehicle now with the availability of online valuation tool. So, before buying a used bike you can also find used bike price at OBV. It will help you decide better if the used motorcycle is worth, you want or not. 

If you are doubted what to check before buying any used bike, you are on the right page. Scroll below for more.

The Essentials Things You Must Know Before Investing in Any Second-Hand Motorcycle:

  1. Your Personal Needs: Yeah! That is important to decide prior, knowing your vehicle needs will give good driving experience for years. Daily commute bikes are different in performance from adventure bikes, so your purpose is necessary.

Everyday motorbikes need to be easy to drive, affordable, fuel-efficient and need low maintenance. If you need travel bikes and long route drives, you need a motorcycle with a powerful engine, sturdy look, and excellent features.

  1. Research Well: The choice of second-hand bike can be confusing, so give time to find the right vehicle. Explore the best options online or offline and compare for budget, features, and bike performance. It would also be good to use bike valuation Tool to know the fair market value and to know the condition of your second-hand bike.
  2. Check and Inspect Thoroughly: A bike that looks perfect doesn’t mean that it is an excellent automobile to deliver the experience you expected. Therefore, inspect the motorcycle thoroughly, with the physical look and mechanical functionality.

If possible, do the test drive, no matter if it’s a second-hand bike. You must check should be oil leakage, mileage, engine performance, clutch, brakes, corrosion, scratches, wheels, chassis, battery, lights, etc.

  1. Check for Chassis Number: If you are almost done with the bike pick process, check for its chassis number. Yes! It needs to match the number on the plate and engine. Take the help of a local mechanic to confirm it for a used bike. You can also check for the same chassis number on the vehicle registration certificate for more confirmation.
  2. Service History and Records: Obviously, second-hand vehicles have a service record. This service history detail will tell you the actual maintenance of the automobile from the authorized service center or on-road mechanic assistance. The written record on bike spares, services, and more will help you estimate its value.
  3. Availability of Documentation: You must ensure proper bike documents, so they won’t end with legal troubles later. Check for motorcycle papers that tell on its previous ownership, service, accident record, etc. The list of documents you should check with the used vehicle should be as follows:
  • Registration Certification.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC).
  • Regional Transport Office (RTO) Form 28, 29, and 30.
  • Original sales or purchase proof invoice.
  • Transferred bike insurance policy in your name.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) if the vehicle is transferred from one RTO to another.
  1. Cost of the Bike: If you have inspected the bike well enough, it is time to purchase it. If possible, ask the seller for negotiation on the second hand bike price after checking its condition and paperwork. However, if you have no ideal model value in the market, use valuation tool or you can install OBV App to find the fair market price.

The Bottom Line:

If planning for a second-hand vehicle, 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler, check for its features and performance on cost-shared by the seller. The tips mentioned above will help you make a fair deal on buying used bike. Moreover, the creation of advanced tools to check used bike prices on OBV will bring an easy and correct valuation of the vehicle.

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