12 Awesome Applications for Drones That You May Not Yet Know About

Drones were created as military weapons. The goal was to create an easy way to deploy missiles without sending people into war zones. Like most technology first developed for military usage, it has been transformed over time into a personal device.

The applications for drones in daily life have expanded as the technology has gotten better. Drones are now available everywhere from Amazon to Target.

If you want to purchase a drone but aren’t sure how you could use it in your daily life, this article is for you. Keep reading to discover 12 awesome ways you can use a drone daily.

1. Variety of Different Sizes 

When you think of a drone, you might be thinking of the massive military drones that are stored in special hangers. In reality, commercial drones come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Everyone can find a drone that fits them perfectly.

There are a lot of smaller drones on the market that are easy to store in your home. For example, the DJ Mini 2 only weighs 249 grams. It folds up for easy travel usage while still offering many high-quality features, like 4K ultra HD videos.

Medium-sized and bigger drones are also available. These drones might have larger cameras than smaller drones, and be able to fly for longer periods of time due to a larger battery pack.

Different sizes of drones will also have different distances away from you they can operate. The farther away from you a drone can go, the more things you can do with it that require distance.

But, you don’t have to have a drone move far away in order for it to function. Even drones that need to stay close can be beneficial for users.

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2. Applications for Drones for Kids

Drones are slowly becoming one of the hottest kids toys on the market. Remote control cars, snowmobiles, and helicopters have paved the way for drones to become a hit with kids.

Kids can figure out how to use drones quickly. They will be amazed at how high in the air drones can get, and how easy it is to control them.

Drones marketed towards kids come in really bright, fun colors and styles. Some of them will even have LED lights in the propellers that can transition to different colors. These drones are made with durable materials that can hold up against anything a kid can throw at it.

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Another great benefit of drones as toys for kids is they can teach kids how to program. Programming is a skill that will help prepare kids for the future. Drones teach kids programming by allowing kids to program certain moves into the drone.

3. Creating Art

Drones have become a hit in the art world. One of the most famous applications for drone art is light sequences during sporting events.

Drones can be used to make artistic light patterns that enhance the fan experience. During the 2020/21 Olympic opening ceremony in Japan, drones were used in order to create stunning visuals. These visuals made for a spectacular opening ceremony.

Some people will also make the body of their drones into an art piece. Painting or sticking things to your drone is a great way to customize it and make sure everyone knows it’s yours.

4. Making Memories 

If you do a lot of traveling, you might be tempted to fill up your phone with photos of your trip. The problem with photos on a phone is someone has to take them, and that someone usually isn’t in the photos.

Drones offer a great solution. You can control drones remotely, which means everyone can be in all your photos and videos.

If you’re on a road trip, you can use the drone to record the environments around where you drive. With the videos and photos you take, you can make a great montage of the memories you created together.

5. Awesome Social Media Applications 

Social media has created new stars at the tap of a finger. Drones can help you up your social media game.

Traditional vlogging includes holding a phone in the air for long periods of time as you go from place to place. Drones can make that job easier. You can use your drone to record your video as you walk.

Drones also make it easier to record awesome video stunts for social media. For example, if you’re a skateboarder, you can use a drone to record your high-air tricks. This leaves you to focus on what you need to do for the video.

6. Sending and Receiving Packages 

Another great application for drones, especially long-range drones, is delivering packages. You can send packages to other people using a drone, which will help reduce costs.

Using drones to send packages has been in development for the last few years. Amazon is a big supporter of drones delivering packages.

It reduces the amount of human labor needed in order to get a package from one place to another. Drones can also use GPS tracking in order get the package exactly where it needs to go, which eliminates packages getting lost in transit.

7. Monitoring Plantlife 

If you have a larger garden or a farm, it can be hard to make sure all of your plants are growing the way they should be. Drones can fly over fields and collect data on plant life. You can also get up close and personal with the plants in the videos to check the quality of them.

Drones can also be used to monitor wild plants. Drones that monitor wild plants can help keep track of growth. It can also record events like the impact of deforestation.

8. Getting a Record of Important Events 

Many journalists have begun using drones in order to get an aerial view of events, rather than helicopters. Drones are small and quiet, so they can go unnoticed at protests, gatherings, or warzones.

Drones allow journalists to get the footage they need quickly and without the risk of personal injury. This is especially important if the event is a high-risk event.

The quality of drone footage is high enough where it will match the quality video cameras journalists use to speak to viewers. There won’t be any grainy footage that viewers will have to squint at in order to read.

9. Sports and Drones

We already mentioned that drones are used at events like the Olympics to create stunning visuals. Drones are also used at Superbowl Halftime Shows for the same reason — creating stunning visual performances.

Drones can do more for sports than putting on a pretty light show! They can get up close footage of sporting events without obscuring the veiw of spectators.

The technology of drones can capture snapshots of key sporting moments and broadcast them all around the world. Drones make it easier and cheaper to gather footage, which means the teams can reach more viewers.

10. Selling Your House? Take Videos with a Drone 

The thing that makes people want to come to look at your home when you’re selling it is the quality of the photos and videos you post online. The higher the quality and more accurate to what is actually in the home, the more likely it is people will come to a showing. This increases the number of potential buyers you can have.

One of the most popular ways to use a drone when selling a home or property is by doing a flyover. Flyovers show what the property looks like from above. It can also show what the outside of the property looks like up close.

Applications for drones in the housing market also include creating an accurate POV walkthrough of the property that would be difficult with any other type of camera. Drones can provide smooth camera footage that flows from room to room.

11. Search and Rescue Operations 

Search and rescue operations have been using drones to search in areas that would be hard for people to access safely. Searchers can send drones down into ravines, deep into forests, and scale the top of the ocean in order to look for missing people.

As long as the drone still has a signal, it can be sent somewhere. The cameras of drones can zoom in and out of areas. This means rescuers might find things they wouldn’t be able to see with their own eyes in a helicopter.

12. Reaching Your Fitness Goals 

If you’re looking to reach your fitness goals, drones are a great support system. They can record videos and photos of your workout session that you can look at afterward. This can help you critique your form and figure out what you can do better next time.

Some coaches will also use drones to monitor their athletes as they work out. This can give a great perspective on how group dynamics work and what needs to change.

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Purchase a Drone for Yourself Today

There are so many different applications for drones that can benefit your daily life. Whether it’s preparing for a marathon or going on a family road trip, purchasing a drone can improve your experiences.

If you want to learn more about technology and gain some sweet tech tips, check out the rest of our blog for more information.

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