12 Best Gifts For Father’s Day From Daughter

We make the best impressions on our loved ones by expressing our love and happiness on special occasions. But finding the perfect gifts can be overwhelming with a variety of gifts available from which to choose. Online gift stores are the best way to avail heart-melting Father’s Day gifts without going from pillar to post. And you can also make customisations and arrange delivery at the right time. With Father’s Day around the corner in this post, we share the best ideas for Fathers Day gift from daughter. Read on.

1. Personalised “Girldad” T-shirt

We feel good about ourselves when we wear our best and favourite clothes. Surprise your father on Father’s Day with a heart-melting personalised Girldad t-shirt, and make him the best dad in the world on this day. You can have the funny t-shirt personalised with a name, message, photo, or any designs.

2. Shaving Kit for Men

Whether your father is a clean-shaven person, keeps a moustache or beard, a shaving kit is an essential part of every man’s daily grooming routine. If your father does have a beard, look for a kit the contains items like a beard straightener, trimmer, and beard oil. Surprise your dad on Father’s Day with a grooming kit personalised with his name.

3. Plants

Plants and flowers are an essential part of all living creatures. They provide us with fresh air, food, and medicines. They are also believed to possess special charms that bring good luck, prosperity, love, and happiness. Some of the most popular plants for indoor and outdoor spaces are the money plant, jade plant, bonsai plant, and areca palm. Surprise your father with a plant potted in a beautiful and personalisable vase.

4. Herb garden grow kit

If your dad is an avid gardener, then you can melt his heart with a herb garden grow kit on Father’s Day. The grow kit has all the information he will need to make the best herbal garden at the backyard, balcony, or kitchen windowsills. It comes with seeds, planting pots and trays, and fertilisers.

5. Sock collection

If your father is always about the office and formal wear, you can touch his heart with the fantastic sock collection. Add funky and stunning socks to his collection. You can order a pack of six or more socks with assorted colours and designs.

6. Personalised bottle lamp

Surprise your father at the click of the button and change the aura with a personalised bottle lamp. There is no limit to the personalisations to make on the bottle lamp. You can choose his favourite colours and decorations. Some of the best ideas are having the bottle printed with a name, message, photo, and God idols.

7. Printed diary

Pen and paper are always smart than the sharpest minds. Create special memories with your father with a printed diary and pen combo. You can have the diary personalised with a name, quotes, and photo inserts.

8. Bottle opener & keychain

Practical and personalised gifts go a long way, it will keep you in the hearts and minds of your loved ones. Surprise your father on Father’s Day with a personalised bottle opener and keychain. You can have the bottle opener/keychain engraved with his name, birth year, and message.

9. Cakes

Cakes are the epitome of all celebrations. It is a prerequisite to have a luscious and well-decorated cake for your dad on Father’s Day. There are many cake types, flavours, and themes to choose for your father on this occasion. Some of the best cakes of all time are chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, fruitcakes, black forest cakes, and designer cakes.

10. Wallet, wristwatch, and branded perfume combo

Convey your thoughts and wishes to your father with a stunning wallet, wristwatch, and perfume combo. You can have the items personalised to complement your father’s style and preferences. So choose your father’s favourite colour and designs and have them incorporated into the wallet, wristwatch, and perfume. You can also add other accessories and items like cardholder and cosmetics.

11. Best dad trophy

Your father is your real-life superhero. Express your love and appreciation with the best dad trophy. Some of the best trophy ideas are caricature, figurine, and certificate. You can have the award personalised with his name and message.

12. A basket of fresh fruits

Food is the best way to touch anyone’s heart. And fruits are one of the best food to share with anyone, and they are enriched with vital nutrients and vitamins essential for growth and development. Make the Father’s Day celebration a gem to remember, and present a basket of fresh fruits to your dad.

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