24  points to check when handing over an apartment

First of all, you have to ask the investor to hand over a drawing of electricity and water lines and a list of interior items of the apartment for easy checking.

For water and electricity lines:

  1. Carefully check the electrical outlets to see if they have a power source. In addition, you should also check the number of electrical outlets and may request to re-arrange them appropriately, suitable for the needs of the family.
  2. Check the ceiling lights, kitchen lights, balcony lights, toilet lights, see if they are working properly or if they are cracked.
  3. Check that the air conditioner system is running normally and stable, the heater of the machine is not leaking water, the pipe is not protruding.
  4. In the toilet area, you should carefully check the floor drain system, see if the water is drained well, the floor drain cover is not a problem, and you must make sure when flushing the water. must drain dry the floor without standing water.
  5. Check if the water force is weak or strong, especially the water force from the cleaning hose.
  6. Check the showers for leaks, if they do, ask the owner and contractor to replace it immediately.
  7. If your apartment is equipped with a heater, you must immediately check the pipes, and see if the power line has anti-shock cooler?

For the interior of the apartment:

  1. For apartments that include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, check whether the open doors are easy and deviated or not?
  2. Are the devices fully connected to electrical outlets?
  3. Check the drawer slide rails for rust, smooth slide to request replacement.
  4. Any equipment such as electric stove, induction cooker, trash can… have any technical problems or are there any damage
  5. Check whether the entire wooden floor of the rooms is pressed, subsided, swollen, rickety, chipped, and there are gaps with the wall wool, whether there are blisters due to water penetration.
  6. Are the doors and windows installed as standard? Is the hinge warped? Are the handles and screws rusted?
  7. Check that the sliding doors are scratched or the sliding door foot is for top and bottom openings, unbalanced, and warped/deviated.
  8. Are the door locks leaking, jammed, broken or not.
  9. Check if the toilet door splints and curtains are tight or not, if handling is required.

A For the raw part:

  1. Whether the wall is cracked or not, it must be handled immediately to avoid water infiltration and damage to the wall paint if it is cracked.
  2. Check whether the paint on the walls and ceilings is dirty, scratched, or not flat or not.

19.Check that the room ceilings are flat treated to request repainting.

20.The ceiling and wall have the same paint color, whether there is any color deviation.

  1. Should the balcony be checked to be dirty, the drainage part is good? Avoid water overflow, damaging the wooden floor.
  2. Check the stone countertops of the kitchen countertops, especially the thao dien apartment for rent with kitchen towers, to see if the tiles are broken, the tiles are aligned, if any, immediately handle.
  3. Inspect shared ownership
  4. Check the fire protection box:

Test the fire alarm to see if it works.

Test the sprinkler in the event of a fire.

Open the firebox in the hallway (the location closest to your Estella Heights For Rent) to see if the essential equipment such as faucets, fire hammers … are available?

  1. Check the elevator of the building:

Is the process of opening and closing the cabin abnormal?

Is the right floor and hall or not when pressing the ladder?

Note: At this time, the elevator is new, so before entering the elevator, even if you are in a hurry to some residents, you should look carefully when the cabin door is open, but the ladder has reached the place yet. This is extremely important and should be kept in mind to avoid unfortunate accidents.

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