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3 Services You Get from an Emergency Plumber

Emergencies are a part of everyday life. The thing about them is that you never know when they are going to happen.  Emergency plumbing errors are just a few of those you may encounter every once in a while.

So what do you do when these unexpected problems occur, especially during odd hours?  When you encounter such issues with your plumbing, the first thing to do is assessing the situation and then informing your plumber.

You can also get in touch with a Diamond Ace Plumber in San Diego for more information. With that in mind, here are some of the services you can expect after doing so:

1. Extensive assessment of the issue

You may have noticed that an issue has arose and notified the emergency plumber Newcastle. However, some of the problems are more complex than what the eye can see. As such, it takes an expert to critically analyze the issue based on your observations before resolving it.

For example, a problem like a broken pipe is visible and can easily assessed by observation. However, like reduced pressure from a water line, some others would need the plumber to do further analysis to establish the cause.

Whatever the case, whether simple or complex, the first step you can expect is a thorough analysis.

2. Repairing the problem

This step is basically the most essential. Here, the plumber takes action based on the findings from the assessment.

The repairs can take anywhere between a number of minutes and several hours. The professional will have had a basic idea of the nature of the problem from the call you make.

Therefore, they will come prepared with the right tools and equipment necessary. Here are some of the repair’s an emergency plumber perform:

3. Broken water pipes

You may have noticed that water does not reach your taps even when the main supply is open.  Sometimes, the water may be leaking from specific other points.

Usually, this is a manifestation of breakage in a pipe. The first step is closing the supply to prevent flooding and further water loss.

The repairer then fixes the breakage either by putting pipes back together, using pipe connectors to cover broken parts, or replacing the entire length.

4. Repairing clogs

Sometimes, your sinks, bathroom, or toilet may clog to such an extent that using a plunger might not help. Such instances are often disastrous when they occur as they pose a sanitation issue, making those around prone to illnesses caused by poor hygiene. In addition, they may lead to increased terrible smells and flooding in the affected areas.

5. Repairing blocked sewer lines

One of the most common plumbing problems is related to sewers.  Such blockages, just like clogs, are a significant sanitation problem.

Apart from that, they cause the surrounding areas to smell bad. The plumber’s first step for blocked sewer lines is to open up the line and identify the exact spot with the blockage. The repairer then proceeds to remove it, thus allowing water to flow freely.

  • Other piping problems

Some other piping problems, such as freezing in pipes and low pressure, are common. Imagine using a line with a slow flow rate.

Similarly, imagine having a frozen pipe. Both instances are pretty inconvenient. As such, you need to resolve them immediately they occur. It may take a matter of a few hours to fix them.

However, it is essential to take measures to prevent them from occurring. Some of the ways you can prevent freezing in your pipes include:

  1. Insulating the pipes
  2. Ensuring the heat is always on.
  3. Keeping doors closed, especially those in the garage
  4. Ensuring the thermostat is in good working condition throughout
  5. Testing

After extensive assessment and further repair of the problem areas, the last step is testing. Here, the technician opens up the lines if they were initially closed to ensure restoration of the initial good working condition.

If there are more errors, the process begins again. However, if the systems start working correctly again, the repair service is considered complete.

The technician then offers advice on the next steps to prevent the problems from recurring. Click here to read more.


Emergency plumbing problems are a common occurrence. When they do occur, they require immediate solutions. Having an emergency repair person comes in very handy to enable hasty solutions. The best part is that such services are usually available all the time: day or night. Even though such problems happen unannounced, it is important to set systems to correct them even before they occur.

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