4 Fun Facts About Solar Energy

Solar energy currently makes up 2.3% of the energy produced in the United States. While that may not seem like much, solar energy is the fastest-growing renewable energy source in the world.

Are you thinking about switching to solar power? Switching to solar energy is a big decision, so it is important to know all the facts before you do. Keep reading for 4 fun facts about solar energy.

1. Solar Power Is the Largest Energy Source

Did you know that solar power is one of the largest sources of power on earth? Around 173,000 terawatts of energy reach the earth at any given second. That is more than enough energy to power the entire world.

One of the best things about solar power is that there is no limit to how much can be used. Traditional power uses limited resources, such as coal and oil. Eventually, those resources will be depleted, but there will always be enough solar energy.

2. Solar Power Is the Cheapest Energy Source

In addition to being the largest energy source, solar power is also one of the cheapest energy sources. The cost of solar panels has dropped by 99% over the past 40 years.

Even though solar panel installation was once unaffordable, that is no longer the case. In fact, it is now cheaper to produce power using solar energy than it is any other way. Even producing energy using fossil fuels is more expensive.

3. Solar Panels Will Increase Your House Value

Another benefit of switching to solar power is that it will increase the value of your home. Finding an eco-friendly house is more important to homebuyers than it ever has been.

Homes that have the ability to run off solar energy are more attractive to buyers and will sell at a higher price. This is great news if you are thinking about selling your house in the future.

4. You Can Eliminate Your Power Bill Using Solar Energy

Many people know that they can lower their electric bill by installing solar panels, but did you know you can eliminate it? Depending on how many solar panels you install, you may be able to create enough energy to power your entire home.

If you produce more energy than your house needs, you can sell that power to your electric company each month. At that point, the solar panels will allow you to make a monthly income.

Do you want to install solar panels so you can start saving money? If so, reach out to a solar panel company, such as, to start the process of installing solar panels on your roof.

Are You Ready to Switch to Solar Energy?

Solar energy is better for the environment, is a more reliable source of energy, and can save you money on your monthly power bill. If you are thinking about making the switch, reach out to your local solar power service today.

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