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4 Reasons Why Investing in House and Land Packages is a Good Idea

The Coronavirus pandemic saw households moving outside major cities like Sydney, searching for better surroundings. Suburbs like Kellyville became a prime spot for people who want larger contemporary homes in spacious blocks without breaking the bank. 

Reports claimed that Kellyville is more than $360,000 more affordable than other nearby suburbs like Castle Hill, yet the peaceful surroundings and charming sceneries can be priceless. These factors make potential buyers look into different house and land packages in Kellyville to find their next abode. 

Investing in home and land packages is more feasible for most Australians nowadays. It is more economical and straightforward than other property investments. If you are still thinking about buying a home and land property, these reasons may convince you to finalise the deal right away. 

Better Location

House and land packages offered in the market are mostly in strategic spots. For example, Kellyville’s residential properties are located near schools, medical centres, and shopping districts. There is also plenty of public transport nearby, including the Sydney Metro North West Line that links the Hills District area to Chatswood. 

The house and land packages in Kellyville are also perfect for families with kids. In addition, the area has plenty of parks, green spaces, and public gardens for outdoor recreation. 

Land Shape and Size 

Living in bustling metropolitan areas may limit your choices for movement. You may be forced to settle in cramped apartments. It may not be the best set-up if you have a growing family. 

By investing in house and land packages in a suburb like Kellyville, you will have more chances of having a large property. A bigger house will let you enjoy more moving spaces, especially for the kids or your future family members. It will also allow you to plan for expansion in your living area when needed. 

Easier Paperwork and Administration

One of the main selling points of buying a house and land package is that you will only transact with one builder. You need to sign less paperwork than buying land from a developer and hiring a builder to build the house. 

If you prefer to buy the land first instead of the package, you need to undergo complicated processes like surveying the area and filing for permits. Then you need to find an architect to make the design and a contractor to build the house. These steps will make the process of buying a home lengthy and complicated. But if you look for a builder offering a fixed package for house and land, you do not have to go through all the extra legwork to start living in your new home in Kellyville. 

Reasonable Price 

Purchasing vacant land in Kellyville sounds affordable. But if you will factor in the cost of building a home in the lot, you might spend more than you intended. Meanwhile, house and land packages are generally more cost-efficient than building a house from the ground. 

In addition, house and land packages will help you save a lot with government grants. For example, if you are a first-time homebuyer in New South Wales, you can get a $10,000 lump sum if the property value is less than $600,000. You may also get a $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant as part of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s initiative to help the construction and home building industries. 

Buying a house and land property in suburban areas like Kellyville will make it easier for you to have a property outside the metro. Once you settle into your new property, you will have more chances to enjoy a peaceful and laid-back life far from the city’s noise. 


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