5 Attractive Year-End Gift Ideas for Employees

There are many ways to give appreciation to coworkers and employees. One of them is to give a special year-end gift. By giving attractive gifts from Haute Flair, you can increase the sense of togetherness with colleagues at the office who have helped many things.

In addition, year-end gifts are also a form of our gratitude to them for this one year.

There are many corporate gift services that offer year-end gifts, promotion gifts and retirement gifts. Well, for those of you who still don’t have an idea of ​​what year-end gifts are attractive to employees and co-workers, here are five recommendations to choose from.

Photo frames

Frames or photo frames are commonly given to colleagues as year-end gifts. However, in order not to get bored with the monotonous shape, you can buy frames with unique themes and designs as well. For example, frames or frames by utilizing used objects and so on.

With our unique range of corporate giftings, you will have endless possibilities for customising your gifts.

Then, to make it more memorable, you can also add interesting photos in the frame. For example, photos of exciting activities at the office, at gatherings, and so on. It will also raise morale and can be used as material for new topics of conversation in your workspace.


For workers in this modern era, using computers and gadgets in their activities is commonplace. It also makes you have to move the pointer through the mouse to make it easier. The mouse can run well if it has a smooth mouse pad with a flat and soft surface.

The idea of ​​giving a mouse pad to coworkers is an interesting thing to do. Currently, there are various cool mouse pad shapes and motifs that you can choose from. Therefore, adjust to the character of your co-workers and their favorite motives. For example, such as floral motifs, decorations, or motifs based on game characters and superheroes.


Office workers often spend their time at their desks and have to sit for long periods of time. However, did you know that sitting too long is not good for health? One way to keep the body fit is to drink enough water. This also applies to field workers.

To make it easier for employees to meet their water consumption needs while working, you can provide a tumbler for them to take anywhere. As a year-end gift, you can choose a tumbler that is suitable for colleagues. For example, by giving it based on his favorite color, unique design, and others. You can also give him a tumbler with your coworker’s name design on it. Interesting right?

Glasses and mugs

In addition to tumblers, glasses or mugs are very suitable to choose from. Your co-worker may be a lover of coffee and tea or other hot drinks. By giving a glass or mug as a year-end gift, it can certainly increase morale. In addition, they also no longer have trouble bringing mugs from home because there are already special mugs in the office.

Don’t forget to name the mug so it won’t be confused with other coworkers. You can also add a photo of a coworker to the mug. In addition, by having their own mug, drinking coffee in the office to just relax becomes more exciting.

Shopping voucher

One of the year-end gifts that you can choose is a shopping voucher. The end of the year is a favorite time to spend time having fun. Employees can spend their time with restaurants, visit clothing stores, even stay at hotels and spend their time on staycations.

For those of you who want to give gift vouchers to employees, but are still confused about where to buy, Sodexo is the answer. Sodexo is the no. 1 in Indonesia with an extensive merchant network.

You can use Sodexo vouchers in various Sodexo Merchant categories, from eating at restaurants, shopping at supermarkets, to department stores.

So, this shopping voucher is suitable for employees of all ages. For more information on purchasing vouchers from Sodexo, click here.

How have you made the choice buy to give year-end gifts to co-workers this year? If not, there’s still time for the next few weeks. Good luck! Buy curated and unique gifts such as a meat bouquet which you can buy at Manly Man Co.

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