5 Best Multipurpose Affordable Camping Lights for Camping People 

People who love camping have all sorts of gadgets for improving comfort and safety at camp sites. From foldable crockery, personal water filters, sleeping bags to portable toilets, they will collect everything worth it for their families and themselves. 

Proper lighting is very important for your campsite, both inside your camp and around it. It will keep animals away, provide great utility and improve your safety. It will eliminate the risk of injury which is usually a result of poorly lit camp sites. There are numerous types of camping lights available in the market, ranging from LED camping lanterns to tape lights and from string lights to many others. Fuel based light sources may be considered cheap, but they do not offer the same utility and safety that LED lanterns or strings do. First you may have to carry extra fuel which in itself may be cumbersome. Secondly, they may not be safe to use inside your tent. And last but not least, it may not benefit you under certain climatic conditions. 

Your campsite lighting solution should not just be affordable but should also serve the basic purposes of providing you campsite security from wildlife, weather conditions and fire hazards. These devices should be easy to carry because you would not want to overburden your backpack while on a camping or hiking trip. The best thing about these LED light devices is that you can even use them at home in case of a power outage. Besides, they can be used in the backyard when you throw a BBQ party or taken along when you go for hiking, hunting or camping. Let’s look at the best five campsite lighting solutions which are multipurpose as well as affordable. 

 Coleman 360 Light and Sound Lantern 

Coleman is a well-known brand when it comes to camping gadgets and tools. This camping lantern weighs only 620 grams and provides an output of 400 lumens. It is equipped with a 360 degree beam of light that spreads uniformly. It has rechargeable lithium batteries; in one full charge you can use the lantern for 40 hours. It also has a built-in bluetooth speaker; you can connect your cell phone or your laptop to it and play your favorite music for 20 hours in one charge. The lantern is highly water resistant and is available for a price of $50.00. Coleman also offers other types of camping lanterns, some in vintage style and some with other options. 

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern 

This 2 pack lantern has 30 very bright LEDs and is powered by six double A batteries. The batteries provide 90 hours of service. It has been constructed of aircraft grade material to make it highly resistant to breakage and can survive a 10-foot fall. It is also highly water resistant. These lanterns are collapsible and have their own patented design. In the collapsed form it becomes as small as your phone and gives reduced light while in the expanded form the light output increases. Available for a price of $ 39.19, it comes with a lifetime warranty for breakage, theft or defects in material. 

Luminoodle Basecamp 12 V 

This is a 20-foot long and flexible string of highly luminous LED lights. These equally spaced LED lights provide a powerful luminosity of 1000 lumens – enough to brighten up your entire basecamp. It has fifteen different color options and ten different brightness levels. You can operate it with a wireless remote controller or an in-line controller. The luminoodle comes with two chargers, a twelve-volt wall adapter and a car adapter which you can use during your camping trip. Four universal ties, four wall mounts and a nylon bag also come free with this light. You can mount it using universal ties or put the entire light in a nylon bag and let it hang from a tree above your campsite.  The Luminoodle Basecamp 12 V can also be used with rechargeable batteries. They are highly water resistant so you don’t have to worry about rain. 

Biolite Baselantern XL and Powerbank 

Weighing just one kilogram and providing a luminosity of 500 lumens, the Biolite Baselantern is considered to be one of the top techno gadgets. It has eight white LED lights and three additional LEDs in red, green and blue color. The light has a powerful 12000 mAh rechargeable battery which provides 7.5 hours of service on high usage and 78 hours of service on low usage. It also serves as a powerbank for recharging your cell phone and has its own app which lets you select different light modes such as bedtime, reading and kitchen. The app is compatible with both IOS as well as Android. It has two USB ports, allowing you to charge more than one device at the same time. By connecting your cell phone to it via bluetooth, you can control it with your phone. It gives you details of how much battery is left and allows you to select colors as well. You can connect and configure other nanogrid lights such as fairy lights, overhead lights and downlighters to turn your campsite into a light show. The Biolite Baselantern stands on stainless steel legs and looks amazing. It is available for a price of $97.46. 

Euloca Rechargeable Multi-Function Camping Lantern 

This versatile camping light can act as a lantern as well as a flashlight. It has a powerful lantern light at one end and at the other end there is a red emergency light for sending signals. The searchlight mode provides a luminosity of 650 lumens with a color temperature of 6000 kelvin and a range of 1640 feet. It has a built-in rechargeable battery of 2600 mAh which can be charged with the help of a USB cable; the battery can also be used as a powerbank for charging your cell phone. The light has LED power indicators that let you know beforehand as to when you need to recharge the battery. For a price of $37.99 the Euloca multifunction camping lantern can be a good addition to your camping gadgets and emergency lighting solution. 


We would recommend using a combination of lighting solutions for your campsite, both in and around your tent. For instance, you can lighten up your campsite and its surroundings by using the 20-foot Luminoodle basecamp as a luminosity of 1000 lumens will be more than enough to make your campsite safe and visible. Its versatility and flexibility allows you to hang it anywhere and in any shape. You can recharge it using your car’s battery. Because of its affordability, you can even use more than one light if your campsite is bigger. You can pack it up in a pouch when going back home and use it to illuminate your backyard. 

Inside your tent you can use one of the other devices such as the Euloca or the Biolite which will not only provide you with a source of light but also recharge your cell phones and gadgets. Regardless of which device or combination you choose, you must remember that it should be easy to carry, durable, affordable, safe to use and serve its purpose.

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