5 reasons to use a mini flashlight

Unlike old days, now flashlights can be used for many purposes. It is important to always keep a flashlight with you. For example if you have a night job it is essential to always keep a flashlight with you. Flashlights can get useful in many unpleasant situations. 

In old day’s flashlight are not significantly useful, they were only used to see in front of yourself. But now a day high quality flashlights are developed. 

Today I will tell you some good reasons why you should keep mini flashlight with you. It can be used in different situations like:

  1. Home fixes
  2. Self defense 
  3. Repairing cars
  4. During hiking
  5. During cycling
  6. For entertaining pets and kids
  7. And in much more situations


Mini flashlight are much more portable than other flashlights. They are easy to carry anywhere you wanted. Its battery is not goanna to drain out like your phone’s battery. Also in some places mobile phones are not allowed. If light goes off, you can use your flashlight if you do not have your phone or your phone’s battery is drained out. 

Mini flashlights are made up of hard material, so they can get damage easily. You can keep it in your pocket. 

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For lighting purpose

You may be thinking that “I can use my phone for lighting purpose”. But the thing is this that your phone is a phone not a flash light. Your phone is used for calling and multimedia purpose not for lighting purpose. And the brightness your phone’s light is not sufficient to see distant things. If suddenly blackout happens, you could able to see nearly placed thing with your phone light but not far laying things.

So always keep a flash light with you. The brightness of its light is much more bright as compare to you phone’s light. It could help you to see distant objects easily. 

For security purpose

You do not need to be feared of the darkness, if you have a good quality mini flashlight. For personal security lighting up your mini flashlight can be proved really beneficial. 

If you are walking alone at night, you may be feel sacred. It cloud be possible that someone is chasing you. You could use your flashlight to see that is some is chasing you or not. And also a flashlight which have very large lumen level can be used to scare the chaser. 

For defense purpose

If someone is attacking you, you can use your flashlight to make him blink for some time. In the mean while you can escape from there. Also you can use your flashlight as a weapon. But you have to learn how to use mini flashlight as a weapon. It would get damage after attacking using your flashlight, but the thing is you could save your life. But if you buy a high quality mini flashlight, it can be used as a good weapon. 

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During hiking or any outdoor adventure

Flashlight are really portable tool during every kind of outdoor adventure. During night adventure the last thing you wanted the most is to see your surrounding clearly. Here nothing could be proved better than a good mini portable flashlight. It could be helpful in many situations during hiking. During cycling it can be used to see clearly.

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