5 Things to Consider When Getting a Divorce in Australia

Are you considering divorce?

Don’t feel alone. The current 1.9 divorce rate in Australia suggests that a number of Australian couples find themselves needing to end their marriage for various reasons.

Life goes on following the divorce, but how do successful divorcees get through it?

For starters, they hire a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers aid in navigating what could end up a tumultuous process without them.

Read on to learn five considerations you need to make when looking at divorce lawyers in Melbourne.

1. Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Do you need a divorce lawyer in Australia? Technically, no.

You can file the paperwork and go through this process on your own. However, many people find it difficult and run into hiccups along the way when they opt out of professional help.

They will help you navigate a lengthy process and do some of the difficult stuff for you. Divorce lawyers also help mediate important decisions and ensure all of the legal paperwork looks right before you sign off on anything.

2. It Takes Time

They say healing from a broken heart takes time. But so does ending the divorce process in Australia.

The law requires 12 months of separation prior to filing for a divorce. During this time, if you and your partner try to reconcile the relationship for any period of time, your waiting period restarts if that does not work out.

This gives couples the opportunity to experience life away from their partner without making a permanent decision. But, for those ready to move on, it can feel like a long year.

After this waiting period, do not expect to file and finish. The court process may take years to complete your divorce. Hiring a good divorce lawyer can help you shorten the time by doing everything properly.

3.Things are Things

When terminating a marriage, many things that you accumulated over the years probably belong to the couple rather than an individual. When deciding who gets what, keep things in perspective.

Fairly distribute your belongings. If both of you want something, think about who actually needs it and/or who will actually use it.

Fighting over things for petty reasons only creates more animosity. It also increases your divorce cost by extending the time it takes to finalize the details.

4. Cost of a Divorce

Expect getting a divorce to cost you. The average divorce in Australia runs into the tens of thousands of dollars.

This will depend on whether you decide to go through court or handle it all on your own. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Australia does seem to increase the cost, but it also saves you time and money in the long run.

5.Children Love You Both

When getting a divorce, you might want to take total control of your children. This desire might come from the fear of losing time with them or it may raise from spite.

Despite your reasoning, this will hurt your kids. Remember, they love both of their parents and the divorce is not theirs though they are deeply affected by it. Share time with your ex in a way that allows the children a healthy relationship with both parents.

Hire the Best Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne

Divorce brings you down a difficult road that you will want off of as soon as possible. Hire the best divorce lawyer to help you find a smooth passage.

Divorce lawyers understand the law and will help make sure you do not get taken advantage of.

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