5 Tips For New Realtors to Kickstart Their Sphere of Influence

A realtor’s sphere of influence is among the most imperative professional assets that promote growth and success in their business. Social networks provide an excellent foundation for generating leads and fueling your real estate business if handled well.

Building your sphere of influence is not an easy task. It requires tactics and strategies that will aid in building professional and authentic relationships with people in your target market. Here are five tips to aid in kickstarting your sphere of influence as a newbie in the real estate business.

List all your contacts

The contacts you already have played a significant role in building your real estate sphere of influence. List all contacts for family members, friends, previous business associates, old schoolmates, and more. This is a great starting point as these people know you; therefore, you have a certain degree of influence on them.

You should grow your already existing group by encouraging repeat and referral business among the existing real estate sphere of influence. Use databases and reliable online systems to capture all-important contacts and prevent duplications.

Categorize your list

Contact management is easier when you categorize your contact list using common characteristics. Segmenting your contacts into logical groups allows for customized marketing strategies that suit every segment to result in more leads and more jobs ultimately.

Categorizing also promotes the growth of your real estate sphere of influence by saving you money and enabling effective communication.

Reach out consistently

You should employ different platforms to communicate to your existing real estate sphere of influence. Send announcements via email, postcards, text messages to help you stay visible in your target market. Encourage your contacts to recommend you to their acquaintances and thank all the contacts that respond to your announcement.

Make your announcement about your new realtor career short and exciting. You can list the real estate services you offer and inform your contacts when you have discounts for your real estate services. People are often busy with their daily activities; hence have no time to read long paragraphs. Use bullets and bold letters to highlight critical information in your announcement.

Plan your frequency in sending reminders

Remember that patience is essential as contacts may not need your service in the present. Plan how constantly you will send a reminder to your real estate sphere of influence list to ensure they think about you whenever they need real estate services.

Participate in community activities

Once you have established your first contact list, you should commence activities that will help add to your real estate sphere of influence list. Participate in community programs and meetings to allow you to meet more people.

Converse with people you meet in the coffee shop, the gym, the dry cleaner, and other places you visit. Remember to leave them your business card to contact you when a real estate need arises.

In conclusion

Building your realtor career is not easy and requires knowledge to help make realistic strategies that add to your real estate sphere of influence list. We hope the tips shared above will aid in growing your contact list and ultimately lead to a successful real estate business.

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