5 Top-Rated Attractions to Visit in Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica, California is a famous beach destination and a popular weekend getaway from Los Angeles. When it comes to the coastal cities of California, Santa Monica is a popular place for travelers seeking a variety of attractions and experiences. 

Situated on Santa Monica Bay, just 15 miles from Los Angeles, this picturesque city of under 100,000 people is mostly known for its pleasant climate and beaches. The atmosphere around the city is a confluence of lively and relaxed. Santa Topica is the perfect base for your trip to Southern California. The city has several diverse shopping districts, including Montana Avenue to the north, Main Street to the south, and the Downtown District. Because the city is compact, it is easy to walk from one area to another. Stay at one of the luxury hostels on your weekend gateway or day trip. 

However, Santa Monica also has several art galleries, and various events and festivals are held throughout the year, including the Santa Monica Film Festival. Just plan your getaway and book spirit airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every booking to your favorite place where you want to visit. Book now and get ready to do the best things in Santa Monica Pier, California.

Highlighting the 5 Top-Rated Attractions you should visit

Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park, and Aquarium

An iconic destination in Santa Monica, the picturesque ghat is a well-loved and celebrated landmark. The 100-year-old structure is an important component of Santa Monica’s history and provides a distinct and famous seaside recreational space for visitors and locals. The ghat is a center of many attractions, including huge concerts spanning from small shops and cafes to decks.

If you are wondering what to do in Santa Monica, California today, this is a great place to start exploring. Two of the main attractions on the pier are pacific Park, a multicolored rollercoaster park complete with lively rides, and an aquarium located below the Pier. it is considered to be one of the best aquariums in the nation. 

Downtown Santa Monica and Third Street Promenade 

Santa Monica’s primary tourist district offers visitors a range of walks and dining opportunities with palm trees. Closed to cars, the district is pedestrian-friendly, allowing to wander up and down safely. 

Known for its vibrant nightlife and variety of shopping options, the area is a year-round attraction. Open-air cafes, bistros, and dining spaces are scattered throughout the Promenade while tables set up shop in various blocks of street and food cart vendors. The bustling area is vibrant, active, and continues to resonate with eager visitors and vendors alike. Throughout the year, various attractions are held within the Promenade, transforming the busy district into a venue. 

Pono Burger, Santa Monica, CA 

Open for lunch and dinner, the Pono Burger is the West Coast’s approach to a typical burger joint. Offering only organic, grass-fed beef and locally crafted ingredients, Pano presents this iconic American dish, high quality, and meticulous burger. Chef Makani, of Hawaii descent, is conscious of his roots and considers the impact of his restaurant, citing personal bodies and the world to improve himself as an inspiration. 

However, the shop’s menu, which offers a selection of burger varieties, milkshakes, hand-cut fries, and craft beer, all serve the same intention. Space itself is quirky, with a building exterior that is made up of a renovated farm structure and an interior that is just an organization, balancing minimalist and modern to create a welcoming and unforgettable dining experience.    

Santa Monica Farmers Market 

The Santa Monica Farmers Market is an elaborate, citywide event that takes place throughout the week. The Saturday market has two locations, while the Sunday and Wednesday markets have one each. These markets are famous across the country and have received acclaim for the variety of their products and the refined nature of convenient locations. 

Throughout the year, the Santa Monica offerings include a selection of locally harvested meats and cheese, as well as regionally caught fish, special nuts, and freshly cut flowers. If you are looking for things to do in Santa Monica with children, this is a great place to visit. The market is open year-round, yet the seasons vary depending on fare availability. The clientele is extensive, and the atmosphere is generally lively and bustling with market hoers, talking out all available merchandise. 

Santa Monica Beach 

At three and a half miles, the state of Santa Monica divides the city from coast to coast. Following the shores of the Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica Beach is situated on either side of the famous Santa Monica Pier and offers an array of recreational opportunities at the beach. 

On the beach, playgrounds, picnic areas, bike rentals, water sports rentals, water sports rentals, and wooden avenues provide easy and safe recreational facilities for visitors. Additionally, volleyball courts, chess tables, and other venues represent popular and scenic spots.  


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