6 Common Types of Personal Injury Case You Can Come Across in Georgia

Different situations and accidents may result in personal injury cases. Some cases involve unique situations, whereas others are commonplace.

However, most cases fall into general categories that personal injuries attorneys in Georgia deal with. As a resident in Georgia, it is important to have a better understanding of common types of cases you will come across. Some of these cases include:

1. Car Accidents

Auto accidents spur as the most common personal injury case in the US. When car accidents happen, normally, it’s because people are not following the road rules or aren’t driving as carefully as they need to.

If you have this case, an experienced car accident attorney in Atlanta will hold the careless driver responsible for the injuries stemming from a car accident.

2. Medical Malpractice

The negligence of hospitals, nurses, doctors, and other medical experts may cause severe injuries. Under this category, there are many kinds of medical malpractice, including birth injury, medication mistakes, surgical errors, pharmacy errors, and improper treatment.

Cases involving medical malpractice are also complex and may need the professionalism of a medical malpractice lawyer in Georgia. If you lost a loved one or got injured at the hands of medical experts, it is important to retain a professional lawyer. It should be someone who may promptly determine the malpractice and pursue legal action aggressively to ensure you get compensated.

3. Slip and Fall Accident

This is another common type of personal injury claim, especially for seniors. Based on CDC reports, about 2 million people over 60 years get treated in an emergency department for slip and fall injuries each year.

Most of these individuals fell because of another party’s negligence. From broken railings to wet floors, if you got injured due to another person’s negligence, you must be compensated properly.

4. Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits seek damages for preventable deaths of accident victims. A wrongful death lawsuit can involve a workplace accident, a fatal car crash, and acts of violence.

If the surviving family members can prove that another party is the cause of death, they will be entitled to compensation. This compensation will cater for medical bills, funeral costs, and loss of consortium, among other expenses.

5. Defective Products

There are many incidents wherein defective or dangerous products have caused harm to some individuals. This can be toxic materials, medical devices, drugs, children’s accessories, food products, and other consumer goods, which have directly caused harm to people.

Normally, government entities, manufacturers, or businesses are liable parties to which people may file a lawsuit.

6. An Animal Injury Claim

The responsibility of every animal owner is to make sure that their pets are prevented from harming other individuals.

But at times, because of recklessness, pet owners fail to avoid harm. As a result, a person can be harmed by their animals.

The Takeaway!

Knowing the reason behind the injury or accident is important in Georgia’s personal injury law. By determining who is the cause of your accident and injuries, your attorney will be able to fight for your rights.

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