6 Examples of US Navy Memorabilia

The US Navy is the third largest branch of the US. military service with over 347,000 personnel on active duty and over 100,000 in ready reserve. Chances are that you know someone connected to the US Navy.

It’s always hard finding that perfect gift for your family member or partner to support them and thank them for their services. Those US Navy veterans in your life also need something to put a smile on their faces. You want to show them that you value them and their service.

You should consider giving them US Navy memorabilia to brighten up their day. It’ll be something they can look at and appreciate for a long time to come. If you find the idea of searching for US Navy memorabilia overwhelming, look no further.

Keep on reading for 6 examples of US Navy Memorabilia for your next special occasion or “thinking of you” moment for that person in your life who should always be appreciated for their service and dedication.


One of the best gifts to get for that special someone in your life to recognize their service and dedication is a ring. You can have a US Veteran’s ring that is personalized with their military rank and name. Such a personal gift will touch them deeply and they can cherish that gift for a long time to come.

Getting a sterling silver or gold ring can show that special someone how much you value them. A ring tells them that you want to honor them and their selflessness. You can also engrave the ring with the Navy core value of “Honor, Courage, and Commitment.”

“Honor, Courage, and Commitment” are not just simple words, but a special bond for all those that have served and are currently serving. It shows their commitment to integrity, moral and mental strength, and their team.

Dog Tag Pendant

You can also consider dog tag pendants as a way to show your appreciation. A dog tag is an identification tag worn by military personnel. The dog tags have information about the person including identification and medical history like blood type.

A dog tag pendant is not just a reminder of the past, but a real reminder of their service. Their original dog tags were extremely important in the identification of soldiers. They are a way you can honor those who have served, and more importantly, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

A dog tag pendant tells them that you acknowledge them. You know that they’re always putting the needs of their country before their own. You can get them engraved with all the right sentiments that you can’t tell them every day.

Navy Pride Hoodie or Bomber Jacket

Another fun gift that is also practical is a hoodie or bomber jacket. You can personalize these so that they have the name of that special someone. Some places offer free personalization for these items so you and everyone who sees them can acknowledge their bravery and service.

This is such an understate and simple gift that no matter who you’re buying for, they’ll be able to appreciate it. They can just put in on for a simple errand and years later, they’ll still be wearing your gift.

If that person in your life who is a member of the Navy or veteran doesn’t like casual hoodies, a bomber jacket can add that little sparkle to their style taking it up a level.

Navy Challenge Coins

One of the best gifts for your special someone is US Navy memorabilia coins. Navy Challenge coins are the best way to show them how much you value them. If you’re looking to recognize their service in a big way, then coins can also be used in an award ceremony.

Navy Challenge coins are more than a memento or keepsake but are a symbol for a higher purpose. It’s a perfect gift to commemorate your special someone. It can acknowledge their higher calling serving their country and being prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This is also a gift that keeps on giving. You can help them get started on their very own coin collection with the many different Navy challenge coins. It’s a hobby that will keep them connected to the US Navy and its service.

Check out Custom Challenge Coins for everything you need to know about US Navy Challenge coins.

Navy Shot Glass Collection

A Navy shot glass collection is a great way to show your pride in their service. If you get the full collection, they can bring it out at parties and special events. They can drink with their Navy buddies, they can proudly celebrate their service with each shot.

Each shot glass is engraved especially for the special someone in the Navy. They can leave it on the mantle proudly displaying their connection to the US Navy.

You can also get a whiskey gift set or a decanter, all of which can be engraved to acknowledge your special someone.

Zippo Lighter Collection

Whether they smoke or not, a Zippo lighter collection is an amazing present. They can choose to use them or simply display them. These are usually a limited edition, so you’re giving them a present as special and unique as they are.

Some collections commemorate different battles like the Battles of Vietnam. It’ll be the perfect gift for that veteran in your life who served and sacrificed. They come in a beautiful box that makes the gift even more special and would love amazing on a mantle.

For the next gift occasion, you can always add to that collection with folding pocket knives, stainless steel knives, or US Navy patches.

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