6 Important Tips for Commuting to Work

Did you know the average American spends 27.6 minutes one-way commuting to work? If that sounds like your work commute, or it’s even longer, you may wonder how to survive it.

It’s understandable if you dread it because it’s often a boring trip. Plus, all that time driving can get old. However, commuting to work doesn’t have to be so terrible.

In fact, there are ways you can make it enjoyable! Read on to learn 6 helpful tips for doing so.

1. Bring a Snack for the Road

Do you leave early in the morning? Pack a snack or grab-and-go breakfast to take with you. Eating something on the way will prevent you from feeling hangry, resulting in a better mood.

You can take anything from a granola bar to a breakfast sandwich. Look for something high in protein, so you’ll stay full until lunch.

2. Leave a Few Minutes Earlier

Your work commute gets worse if you’re running late. That’s because it leaves you feeling stressed or pressured to arrive at your job on time. Put an end to this by leaving earlier than usual, such as 10 or 15 minutes sooner.

You’ll appreciate having the extra time because you won’t have to risk speeding. Plus, if you run into traffic or an accident, you’ll have a few minutes to spare.

3. Ride a Bike Instead

Consider buying an electric bike, and leave your car at home. You’ll love it if you’re into caring for the planet! Electric bikes are better for the environment because they don’t produce any pollution.

Riding a bike to work will help you stay fit and healthy, too.

4. Listen to Podcasts or Audiobooks

Listening to the radio station or Spotify can get old after a while. There are only so many times you can listen to the same songs! Instead, try listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

You can find different ones that suit your interests. There is an endless number to check out as well, so you’ll always have options.

5. Take Public Transportation

Are you prone to dealing with road rage? That poses a risk to yourself and everyone on the road with you. To avoid it, consider taking public transportation.

Riding a bus or train for your work commute will leave you more time to read, catch up on emails, or stream a show, too. Plus, you’ll save money on gas!

6. Get Mentally Prepared for the Day

Wondering how to commute to work while being productive? Pass the time by mentally preparing for the day. You can think about tasks you must complete, upcoming meetings, or anything else planned for the day.

Doing this is a great way to get in the right state of mind for work. You can also use the time to practice what you’ll say during a conference or presentation.

Commuting to Work Can Be Enjoyable

You probably spend at least half an hour commuting to work. Instead of dreading it, start finding ways to enjoy it! Try some of the tips you’ve read here to transform your work commute into something positive.

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