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7 Reasons Why Outsourcing 3D Rendering Is a Great Idea for an Architecture Business

Rendering is used in games, sales, and marketing imagery, special effects, films, and designing prototypes, among other things.

Render types

There are two render types called real-time rendering and pre-rendering. The big difference lies in the speed at which the calculation and rounding of the image take place.

Real-time rendering

The word says it all, rendering is performed at the same time as the image is used. This requires images to be created at a very fast pace as it is thus produced and displayed in real-time.

This 3d rendering services is done by special graphics hardware and is widely used in 3D computer games and 3D drawing software where you see the drawn object directly.

The quality is simply limited to the performance of the PC or console.


Pre-rendering is used in environments where speed is not an issue.

This rendering technique is widely used in animations and visual effects where the displayed image must be super realistic. It, therefore, delivers extremely high quality and is widely used in commercials, films, visualizations, images, and basically everything that is already fixed before it is shown.

The performance of the computer only affects the render time, not the quality.

Prototyping and Rendering with the latest programs

During the development process of a new product, prototypes are of crucial importance. Not only to create company-wide support but also to convince the target group. A 3D drawing of the prototype gives a global impression, but if you really want to get a good idea of ​​your design, you need a 3D prototype.

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7 Reasons Why outsource 3d visualization services

  • Rendering lets you evaluate the product before investing in parts and suppliers. The bigger the prototype is, the harder it gets to build quickly and on budget. By computer rendering, you can already perfect the product concept before you incur a lot of costs.
  • Rendering is an easy way to test the market. Before investing in a physical model, you can test the potential and interest of the market.
  • Rendering gives you more time to design a better product. A lot of the guesswork is now a thing of the past and you can spend more time on the design. That leads to a better product.
  • The latest 3D rendering programs are super user-friendly because of the cool features such as built-in light reflection and shadow effects. This allows you to perfectly imitate product texture, environment, and material.
  • These latest intuitive 3D CAD modeling and rendering software packages allow designers to create super-fast, super-realistic images.
  • In this way, start-ups can already create a product concept before they have it produced.
  • Companies can modify a prototype at a very low cost to win over team members, investors, and target audiences at an early stage. click here for more info sattamataka143

Why you should render your work?

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