A perfect score of 6 on the GRE Issue Essay can significantly increase your chances of being accepted into graduate school! In addition to pupils with good Verbal and Quantitative scores, the best universities want individuals who can write simply and effectively. Despite the fact that there are a lot of youngsters with excellent academic records, not every one of them is gifted in the writing department.


“The more you practise, the better you become,” as the adage goes. To help you prepare for the GRE in an online environment, research and practise answering as many of the AWA questions as you can in the 30-minute time constraint. Put yourself in a test-like setting and start working on your assignment as soon as possible. Practice makes perfect. The essay portion of the GRE may seem unnecessary if you’re a gifted writer. However, this is a mistake. It is not a good idea to practise for the issue essay beforehand, since it is a completely different kind of essay from the ones you have surely written in your previous schooling. You are not writing a literary review or a rhetorical study on the issue essay; rather, you are composing an email to a professor or employer who is incredibly busy. You must come to terms with the fact that the quality of your writing and the beauty of your voice are not as important as the effectiveness with which you communicate your argument in an issue essay. If you need paper writer, please visit our website.

Don’t squander any more of your time.

There just isn’t enough time on the GRE topic essay for you to provide all of the opposing viewpoints on an issue. There will only be enough time at the end of the day to make a persuasive case for one side. The strategy you choose will not come across as confident or obvious if it is in the centre of the road. Keep in mind that, according to ETS, “readers are evaluating the skill with which you manage the specific instructions and explain and develop an argument to support your perspective on the subject.” It doesn’t matter whatever side you choose to defend, as long as you do it efficiently and effectively! If you are looking for essay writer service, please visit our website.


Make particular rather than general statements. It’s simple to debunk a fallacious argument when you know how. When faced with a hypothetical circumstance, it is possible to contradict the argument by asking if the event will ever materialise. Instead, offer specific examples such as the following: Stories about your uncle Ralph the compulsive gambler, stories about the War of 1812, stories about Keynesian economic theory, and so on are all examples that you may use to prove your argument.

Make certain that your examples are pertinent to the issue, but avoid deviating from the theme.

Topics that may be utilised as examples include personal experience, pop culture, history and sports. Literature and current events can also be used as examples. Don’t go overboard with your examples, but also don’t let them take over the whole essay. If you’re using a historical example, be careful not to transform your essay into a history paper or a recounting of the event itself in your writing. If you’re writing an issue essay to convey a point, all you need to do is provide instances that support your thesis.

First-person pronouns and self-referential language should be avoided at all costs.

Whenever possible, avoid writing in the first person while discussing a topical subject in an essay. Using terms such as “I believe” or “in my opinion” is superfluous since the reader already knows that the essay is written from your point of view. In a body paragraph, you should only use first-person pronouns if you are giving an example from your personal experience. In your introductory and concluding paragraphs, you should never utilise the pronoun “I.”


Using direct language removes the potential of misinterpretation or failure to communicate. This is particularly crucial since one of your graders is a human and the other is a computer. The likelihood is that you’ve experienced a miscommunication with your GPS or Siri at some point in your journey. You should avoid making weak, declarative claims in your issue essay on the GRE in order to avoid this situation on the exam.

In your conclusion, you should rebut the opposing point of view.

Many GRE applicants are perplexed as to how to finish their essay, which is understandable. Consider expressing the opposing viewpoint in order to indicate that you are aware of the fact that not everyone shares your point of view. In a few short sentences, debunk their assertion while reaffirming your own position.

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