8 Best Places in Europe to Taste the Best Teas

Due to the incalculable number of tea farms in the city, Jorhat is recognized as the ‘Tea Capital of the World.’ It is located in north-eastern Assam in India. In Western countries, natural tea is the most common, particularly in the United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, and Ireland. The popularity of tea has also begun to grow fast in the other European countries, particularly in France, Germany, and Spain. There is nothing so typically English as the Afternoon Tea. This old-style pastime turned out to be fashionable among the English Elite from the mid-1840s.

8 Best Places in Europe to Enjoy Afternoon Tea

Suppose you’re a hardened obsessive or just a casual diner and understand the advantages of tea’s antioxidant properties. In that case, there are several afternoon tea spots around Europe that are bound to tickle your fancy. Barely anything is better than catching up with some friends, nibbling on some cake, and sipping on delicious tea blends. Plus, regular tea drinking has numerous benefits.

#1 – Hotel d’Angleterre, Geneva

The setting is epic as it overlooks the Jet d’Eau water fountain. The hotel serves tea blends from various regions around the world, including South Africa and India. The accompaniments, macaroons, chocolate scones, cheesecake, raisins, cream puffs, and stuffed crepe make the tea that much more enjoyable. Suppose you’re hosting and would like to try out this combination. In that case, you can order your tea bags or loose leaf tea from an online tea and coffee shop such as Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

#2 – Hotel Bristol, Warsaw

While ‘afternoon tea’ is synonymous with England, Poland also has its pick, and they serve it here with class and style. The hotel served in an infrequent Art Nouveau masterpiece, the Column Bar, with some parts dating way back to 1901.

#3 – Titanic Belfast

This hotel offers a complete replica of the original, famous Titanic Ship right down to the grand, sweeping staircase that Rose (Kate Winslet) dramatically graced down towards Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). That notwithstanding, the tea is served in replica White Star Line crockery, another replica.

#4 – The Montague on the Gardens Hotel, London

The British tradition is given its due respect at this hotel as the tea blends are served on outside wooden decks in the summer. The tea is usually accompanied by all the popular favorites, such as lovingly decorated dainty cakes. During winter, the tea is accompanied by an additional hot cup of chocolate to warm you up. The hotel is located in a high-culture area that’s home to literary homes, university halls, and the British Museum.

#5 – Café Majestic, Porto

Considered as one of the most aesthetically appealing cafés worldwide, the cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwiches that accompany the tea add a different twist to most other areas that serve tea with sweet pastries. The cafés are decorated with vintage furniture and has an incredible atmosphere.

#6 – Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

The afternoon tea in Athens at Hotel Grande Bretagne is raved about on a non-stop basis, meaning there’s definitely something worth trying out there.

#7 – Betty’s, York

Dating back to 1919, when it originated, Betty’s offers an upmarket old-fashioned atmospheric combination. Here, you can enjoy delicious cakes and various tea types in the retro-style cafés.

#8 – Hotel Danieli, Venice

Venice is well known for its displays of uniquely designed architectural buildings. The Bar Dandolo in this hotel, with its gorgeous interiors, has for fourteen consecutive years held the title of being one of Italy’s top twenty bars. The bars rich color scheme, live music, and marble columns, combines well with the Venetian cookies, canapés, scones, and pastries that are served with some of the tastiest tea blends.

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