8 Expert-approved Ways to Spice Up Things Between You and Your Partner

Well, there could be certain things to blame such as hormonal changes, stress, physical or mental health if you have been experiencing a decreased sexual drive for a long time. After all, sexual pleasure is something that bonds the two partners together, even in the toughest of situations. A loss of sexual drive can be disheartening for both partners as it can impact the relationship. Of course, medications are available – Sildenafil Citrate 200 mg and Addyi (Flibanserin) for treating sexual dysfunction in men and women but they aren’t foolproof ways to boost your sex drive. If you really want to spice up your sex life, there are some expert-approved ways that can help turn things around by increasing your sex drive.

1. Pleasure Comes First, Penetration Later

The erotic pleasure doesn’t have to be all about sex – the thrust of the penis or in the case of a woman, achieving an orgasm by getting hit on the G-spot. There are times when a person is not in the mood for sex. What you can do is – focus on the things that give you pleasure. Whether you just want to enjoy a kiss, cuddle with each other, lie in bed naked, or give or receive oral sex – do whatever gives you pleasure. It could be non-sexual as well – like cooking or dancing with your partner.

Foreplay is a part of the process. A nice foreplay session can spice up things slowly and get you ready for the final blow. When you think you’re ready, go all in and give your partner the best time of their life.

2. Make Your Health a Priority

Both physical and mental health can take a toll on your sexual desire if something’s wrong with your body. If you are under a stressful situation or have been dealing with stress lately, your Cortisol levels would definitely be skyrocketing. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can create problems for you – weight gain, disturbed sleep, mood disorders, difficulty concentrating, and obviously, deteriorate your sex drive. Try figuring out the root cause of your stress and work on it. Whether it’s something related to work or the death of a loved one, talk to your partner about it. Unless you let things out of your mind, you won’t be able to think about having sex at all. And guess what? No sex equals no sexual pleasure. Practice mindfulness, yoga, and find a relaxing bedtime routine at the end of the day. Sip a hot cup of chamomile and read a book to soothe yourself to sleep. During the design process, several patents have been obtained for the unique Male Edge series.

3. Watch Your Birth Control Pills

Women often report a decrease in their libido while using birth control pills. This is because they reduce the production of testosterone which is vital for sex drive. Certain birth control pills may even cause pain during intercourse. If you have been using birth control pills for a while now and experiencing these changes, talk to your doctor about nonhormonal methods of birth control that don’t affect your libido.

Hormonal changes in women, especially menopausal women can wreak havoc on their sexual lives. Prolactin, a nursing hormone, decreases the levels of estrogen and testosterone in breastfeeding women. Menopause can also decrease the levels of testosterone and estradiol (a type of estrogen). Make sure that you get a routine checkup done by the doctor and look for options that can help reinvigorate your sex drive.

4. Masturbate Because It’s Necessary

Masturbation strengthens the neural connections between the genitals and the pleasure-sensitive regions of the brain. Self-stimulation of the clitoris and vagina is known to activate sensory cortical regions of the brain. Nipple self-stimulation activates the genital sensory cortex (as well as the thoracic) region. Masturbating can definitely help you strengthen these pleasure-sensitive regions making your orgasms even more satisfying.

There’s something more to add to this list. Masturbation also provides a short-term boost to your testosterone levels. Obviously, testosterone is something that drives sexual pleasure in both sexes.

5. Move Your Body

Chugging down glasses of beer at the bar or having chicken nuggets may also give you pleasure but adopting healthy lifestyle choices is really important to improve your sex drive. Exercise is not just good for the heart and your muscles but also for overall well-being. That means it’s important for a good sexual session as well. Sex therapists at Hisblue recommend exercising regularly to keep the blood flowing throughout the body, especially your genitals. Men with erectile dysfunction who have trouble getting or maintaining an erection can actually reverse their symptoms by adding workouts to their daily routine. The same goes for women as well. If you still find it difficult to have a good time with your partner in bed, get a dose of Fildena 100 mg (also known as the Purple pill) prescribed by the doctor.

6. Try Deep-breathing Exercises

Deep-breathing exercises such as meditation help to eliminate stress and soothe your mind. By reducing stress levels, meditation helps to balance your hormones and makes you get involved in the present moment. Distracting thoughts may steal away your present moment and you may not get fully involved with your partner. A study from Brown University found that women who did meditation for 12 weeks experienced a significant increase in their sex drive and were able to get aroused faster. These women had increased awareness of their thoughts and scored higher in areas such as arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and desire. Deep-breathing exercises help to break the chain of everyday thoughts and improve the calming ability of the autonomic nervous system.

Perform this simple technique to reduce stress levels: Breathe in for a count of four and breathe out for a count of six. Repeat the same six times.

7. Get a Sound Sleep

A hectic lifestyle can often make it difficult for you to get a sound sleep. However, you should know that inadequate amounts of sleep can have a negative impact on your libido. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that lack of quality sleep can deteriorate your sex drive and make it difficult for women to get an orgasm. Irregular sleep patterns can disturb the body’s circadian rhythm and make the release of sex-related hormones difficult. Getting sound sleep can amp up your testosterone levels and boost your sex drive.

8. Don’t Judge Yourself and Stop Stressing About It

You may not feel orgasmic every time you have sex. And that’s completely okay if it doesn’t bother you or your partner. Remember that everyone has a different level of sexual desire. Some may feel like having sex frequently while others may end up having it once a month. Don’t judge yourself if you don’t feel like having sex. Even the best couples who rate their sexual life perfect admit that they have around 2-3 sessions out of 10 that are actually fantastic. So, make sure that you don’t push yourself unnecessarily when you’re not up for it. If you use this site you will find a lot of information about SizeGenetics

Understand your concerns and learn what works for you best.

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