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8 Simple Hacks for Waste Disposal in Your Home

There are many hacks that can help make managing waste easier in your home, and some of them don’t even involve spending money. From using old plastic containers to recycle smaller items to using everyday ingredients as cleaning agents. Read along to get eight simple hacks for waste disposal in your home.

1. Set up a Recycling Bin

Recycling, at its core, is simply a matter of taking stuff that’s headed to a landfill and sending it to another location instead. Recycling requires less energy than creating new products from scratch. It also helps reduce environmental pollution. That’s why any household can benefit from setting up a proper recycling bin. This includes glass bottles and jars, paper products (paper towels/toilet paper rolls), plastic containers with multiple layers and Styrofoam items.

2. Use Correct Bins for Organic and Dry Trash

To effectively dispose of waste, you need to first separate them into different bins. The first step is separating organic and dry trash. Organic trash includes food scraps, like rotten fruits and vegetables or moldy bread. It also includes paper towels and facial tissues that are soaked with oil. You will need an organics bin or food composter to dispose of these items.

3. Use Compost Pile or Tumbler

Most people have heard of composting, but only a fraction actually take advantage of it. This is surprising because everyone should be using some kind of home composting program to dispose of waste. In addition to helping you produce top-quality fertilizer, composting also reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to reuse materials that would otherwise be considered trash.

4. Buy Reusable Products

Avoiding waste is as simple as reducing your use of disposable products. Instead of buying plastic bottles, invest in a water filter and refillable water bottle. Replace toilet paper with reusable cleaning cloths. Buy soap from bulk stores rather than individual bars. Avoiding single-use plastics can be easy if you know where to start.

5. Implement Everyday Tips

Garbage disposals are a quick and convenient way to get rid of food waste, but they have to be maintained carefully. Here are some tricks you can use to avoid clogs.

  • Use cold water when running your disposal; hot water will make grease more fluid and increase your chances of clogging your disposal.
  • Never put fibrous or starchy foods (bananas, celery) down your garbage disposal. They create messes that take more time to clean than simply throwing them away would take in the first place.

6. Donate Items You Can’t Use

If you have items that you know someone else can use, but you won’t, give them away. You can list those items on Craigslist or donate them to local thrift stores and shelters. If a charity receives your donation, they may provide you with a tax-deductible receipt, so make sure to ask if they do.

7. Practice Zero Waste Lifestyle

What’s a Zero Waste Lifestyle? Well, it’s a philosophy that promotes eliminating as much trash from your life as possible by reusing and recycling items to avoid generating garbage. You can start by cooking less food to eliminate wastage when throwing out the surplus.

8. Ditch the plastic bags

Those plastic bags we’re all so fond of? Not only are they a pain to deal with, but they’re also harmful to our environment. Instead of using them every day at home, go shopping using old newspaper bags or durable cloth grocery bags that you can wash and reuse multiple times.

Waste disposal should no longer be a daunting task. Contact Conrad Martens to get your garbage disposal units today.


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