A brief explanation of the nature of Astrology

Astrology is the study of the energies of the planets and constellations; this system is based on the ancient belief that we humans are part of these energies and are influenced by them. Although most people today do not believe in this spiritual connection, we are all fascinated by the celestial vault, which gives us wonderful spectacles. Even the most cynical among us cannot fail to appreciate the beauty of our sky and will not fail to wonder what lies beyond this “space”.

The stars, constellations, and some of the planets in our solar system are visible to all of us yet we find it hard to imagine that these have any influence on our society.

This fascination has existed since the dawn of the appearance of life on Earth and is testified by graffiti, frescoes, paintings, texts, and many other archaeological finds that show us how much our ancestors were in love with the stars … in truth, today’s astronomical and astrological system is based on the observations and discoveries of those ancient peoples… So all terrestrial civilizations have stopped to study the celestial vault and in many cases have discovered that the stars and planets that appear so far away have a strong impact on our life.

Thanks to the New Age (the spiritual revolution, inspired by nineteenth-century Spiritualism and Theosophy and Buddhism and other oriental practices) born in the United States already in the early 1900s, popularized through actors, famous people, great Gurus, and Masters like the Skilled Astrologer in USA, today everyone knows Astrology and has heard or read a horoscope at least once in their life. The problem, just like in the case of the Tarot and other esoteric practices, is that almost everyone believes that the only function of this art is to predict what will happen tomorrow, if we get what we want, if we attract that person we like so much. , or how our romantic relationship with our boyfriend/girlfriend will end.

But Astrology is much more than all this! If used correctly, Astrology helps us to better understand the events that happen in our lives, in addition to understanding ourselves better; at the collective level, it helps us understand where we are going as a civilization, what kind of era we are living in, and to interpret the messages that the Divine constantly sends us.

Today, more than ever, we need to rediscover this art and possibly combine it with other esoteric systems to rediscover the meaning of our existence, our Mission as a civilization, and understand what should be changed and how to do it.

With the advancement of Internet technology, we can access various sources of Astrology. Various versions! Not limited to geographic boundaries, we can access Astrology advice based in Asia, for example. For example, with just a few clicks, we can contact Good Astrologers in Mumbai and they will help us to overcome various problems in life. Astrology has never been completely separate from human life!

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