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A Guide to Bed Sizes

It can be difficult to choose from the various bed sizes available. Finding the correct mattress, on the other hand, is critical to achieving a proper night’s sleep.

There are many different types of mattresses on the marketplace, varying in length and material; but, when moving to a new home or replacing an old bed, deciding mattress size is critical to getting a good night’s sleep.

The single bed, king singles, dual size, queen size, king size, and super king size are the most common bed sizes. So, which one is the best fit for you?

When selecting a mattress size, there are some practical points to remember:

  • Your bedroom’s dimensions
  • Your stature and weight
  • The quantity of pillows you utilize depends on whether you share a bed with a spouse.
  • Your sleeping habits, as well as how much personal space you require.

It might be difficult to find the correct size bed for your sleeping arrangements. Continue reading to find out the actual dimensions of each bed, as well as information on the various bed sizes available from shops.

Single Bed Size

For individual sleepers, toddlers, teens, and small adults, singular mattresses are suitable.

A single bed is tiny enough to fit in tiny spaces, bunk beds, homestays, smaller apartments, and guest rooms on the small side, approximately 91.5 cm by 190 cm.

King Single Bed

The king single bed is ideal for people who have outgrown their single bed, as it provides plenty of legroom and prevents your feet from dangling over the foot of the bed.

King singles are good for one person to sleep on comfortably and are ideal for persons of average height who require additional length than a small bed without sacrificing room space. For tiny spaces and guest rooms, king singles are a common pick.

Purchasing a king single could save you money in the long term by offering you the benefit of not having to buy additional beds for a growing baby.

Double Bed

A double bed typically measures 138.5 centimetres wide by 190 centimetres long. Teenagers and adults will appreciate the extra breadth a double bed provides over a single bed, as well as the extra space for a pet.

A double mattress is ideal for a single adult who prefers to spread out and requires more sleeping space than a single bed can provide. Individuals who require additional sleeping space or older kids who’ve already surpassed their single beds would benefit from double beds.

Queen Bed

Queen-sized mattresses seem to be the most common mattress size. Why? The queen size bed is the perfect size for two individuals. Two individuals or one grownup and a pet can sleep soundly in a queen. Queen beds are substantially bigger than double beds, giving you abundant room to stretch out. A queen mattress allows couples to sleep peacefully in varied postures. Brands like Cariloha have a wide range of queen bedsheets for you to choose from.

King Bed

With pets or toddlers climbing onto the bed at night, a king-sized mattress can easily accommodate two adults. Because king mattresses seem to be the same size as 2 king single beds combined, you can save money by purchasing two king singles.

There’s enough space for 2 people to stretch out and sprawl out conveniently, which is great if you share a bed with someone who sleeps a little erratically! In bigger rooms, a king bed is ideal for filling the space.

All you would have to do is find perfect fitted bedsheets now that you understand the bed measurements. Cariloha provides a variety of bed linens, including king bedsheets, queen bedsheets and various sizes.

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