A Guide to Buying Comfortable Pickup Trucks

Are you interested in purchasing a pickup truck? While these were primarily considered work vehicles, they have now acquired the role of family haulers. Technology advancements have paved the way to greater comfort, convenience, and safety.

Truck purchases can be overwhelming for most buyers, as various factors shape the purchasing decision. These vehicles differ not just in size but in comfort, price, fuel economy, safety, and performance as well. There is also a connection between certain factors. Models with the greatest fuel economy are usually less powerful and smaller.

Nevertheless, the truck market offers something for every buyer.

The guide below will lead you to making the best purchase.

Opt for the right type

Buyers are offered an assortment of pickup truck types, which suit every taste. Full-size models are often referred to as half-ton trucks, given most of these vehicles have a payload capacity of a minimum of one thousand pounds. These are not just larger but also more rugged in comparison to the other types. While their main function is as work trucks, full-sized models are an excellent substitute for family cars. The average price range is between $45,000 and $55,000.

Mid-size pickup trucks are smaller than their full-size counterparts. They represent the best solution for most buyers, as mid-size models aren’t necessarily less powerful than those of a larger size. Since they weigh less, most of the vehicle’s power goes into its moving. Most models can tow and haul similar cargos as basic full-size vehicles. Read more about the average dimensions of a pickup truck.

Although their beds are smaller, they are fit to handle almost the same weight, despite the smaller volume. Their moderate size makes it easier for drivers to maneuver them in parking lots and traffic. In contrast, compact trucks are the most recent vehicles to appear on the market. Drivers expressed interest in these vehicles of compact size, as they are ideal for carrying gear for small projects and maneuvering them easily into parking lots.

Compact pickup trucks are excellent for daily driving and fit perfectly in urban environments. While their small beds cannot be considered a replacement for vehicles of larger size, they certainly can make weekend bike trips more convenient. The starting price for these compact vehicles is approximately $20,000.

Consider the seating and cab size

Another vital factor to consider in the buying process is the cabin size and configuration. There are basic, extended, and crew cabins. For instance, basic cabins are usually only available in work configurations, contrary to crew cabs that provide more spacious accommodations. Pickup trucks account for the only remaining vehicles whose configuration allows for three people to get seated in the front seat.

While extended cabins feature rear seats, these are usually too space-restricted for adults, given the limitations in legroom. The most appealing benefit of extended cabs is the extra interior storage. Trucks with crew cabins come with four doors and a seating area in the rear part. Nevertheless, their cargo beds are smaller. Follow this URL,, to learn how to build your own truck storage system.

As far as seating is concerned, cloth seats have gradually evolved into leather. Top-notch models include cooled and heated seats with higher levels of adjustability for greater comfort. Other forms of optional comfort include massive sunroofs, large touch-screen entertainment systems, and heated steering wheels.

Consider the bed

The bed of pickup trucks is considered a unique feature that differentiates them from other vehicles. The open bed allows owners to perform various chores, such as moving furniture, large appliances, equipment, tools, motorcycles, trash, wood chips, etc. These tasks cannot be handled in the same way as with an SUV or a minivan. Nevertheless, individuals should also be aware that the open bed leaves the cargo susceptible to potential theft and weather elements.

The standard bed length of full-sized models is eight feet. Anyhow, it’s normally reduced to six feet in vehicles with extended cabins. Crew-cab models with four doors usually come with a bed of five or six feet. The same bed length applies to most compact models, depending on their cabin configuration.

Potential buyers are offered numerous bed accessories, such as stake pockets, LED lights, load ramps, power-operated tailgates, and many others. When searching for the most comfortable truck, check the bed accessories of each model. Drop-in and spray-in liners are recommended for adding extra protection while hauling different items across the bed. In most cases, the tailgate is what differentiates pickup trucks from one another.

Check the fuel economy

Another crucial factor to have in mind when purchasing a pickup truck is fuel economy. Individuals buying such a vehicle for the purpose of hauling, towing, and performing heavy-duty work, models running on diesel are considered the most suitable option. Diesel-powered models have better fuel economy than those running on gasoline.

While diesel is known to be a more expensive fuel, diesel-powered models can make up for the high price with their remarkable fuel economy. Nevertheless, diesel might not continue to be more advantageous than gasoline, as manufacturers have made improvements in the fuel economy and power of gasoline engines. Some manufacturers have even started canceling their diesel-powered versions of some truck models.

It’s no secret that the automobile industry is gradually switching to electric power. Therefore, manufacturers have commenced working on their first electric trucks. For example, Chevrolet has announced the appearance of its electric Silverado in 2023 or 2024. Tesla is also working on an affordable electric pickup, which is long-anticipated, but probably won’t go into production until 2023. Hence, the future of these electric vehicles is yet to be explored.

Don’t neglect the towing capacity

The towing capacity of pickup trucks is another feature that must be factored in your shopping decision. These vehicles are powerful enough to haul cars, bats, and campers. The manual provided with every model informs individuals about the maximum weight that can be towed or carried. The towing equipment can be installed by the dealer or manufacturer. Another option is for buyers to install it themselves.

The wisest alternative is to purchase a model from the factory, as the installation process might involve some complex brake and light wiring. Additionally, the packages provided by the manufacturers are backed up with warranties. Other towing features available to buyers include a hold assist when driving on a hill and a transparent camera that enables drivers to see through the trailer. Go here to check ten towing tips.

In addition, the towing capacity of a pickup truck is dictated by multiple factors apart from the power of the engine. These factors involve the bed size, cabin size, the length of the wheelbase, rear axle ratio, etc. An average model has a towing capacity of between 5,000 and 7,500 pounds, whereas some full-sized variants can tow as many as 12,000 pounds. Hence, buyers should consider their towing intentions before making a purchase. As previously mentioned, diesel engines are more appropriate for heavy towing.

Consider safety

Modern trucks provide better safety than models manufactured a decade ago. Active safety systems, which were once common solely to luxury models, are now standard for mid-range vehicles as well. For instance, most pickups are now armed with automatic emergency brakes, blind-spot warnings, detection of pedestrians, and other technologies.

Individuals interested in purchasing a full-size model cope with an extra safety concern. These vehicles have become larger and give drivers front blind spots. Those living in urban areas should address this fact as a safety consideration. While emergency brakes and pedestrian detection can facilitate this concern, the added cost still remains.

To sum up

A pickup investment should be well-calculated and carefully considered.

There is a myriad of options to choose from.

Settle for the best one on the market!

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