A registered dietitian explains the correct way to store onions! Which is better, the refrigerator or the drying?

Onions are frequently used by many people because of their versatility for various dishes and the convenience of being available regardless of the season. Therefore, many people always keep it in the refrigerator. However, depending on the storage period and method, it may darken and rot. A registered dietitian will explain the proper storage method and storage period!

Two points to keep in mind when storing onions

Onions that are frequently used and often stocked. Originally, onions are vegetables that can be stored for a relatively long period of time compared to other vegetables. As long as it is stored properly, it can be stored for about a month.

However, if you do not store the onions properly, they will rot more and more. If it smells strange or is squishy to the touch,  it is already rotten. Discard it without eating it.

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Precautions when storing onions

So what should we be careful about to prevent the onions from rotting? There are two points to note: “humidity” and “temperature”.

Onions are vegetables that are sensitive to “moisture”. The optimum humidity of onions is 65-70%, which is lower than that of other vegetables, and after harvesting, they are dried before shipping to extend the shelf life. The point of preservation is to keep this dry state.

Also, if you store it in a sunny “high temperature” place to speed up this drying, it will be spoiled by mold and the like. In other words, the best way to store onions is to store them in a cool, sunny place, avoiding these two conditions of “hot and humid”.

Is there a difference between new onions and regular brown onions in terms of storage method and storage period?

New onions that go around from spring to summer and are ideal for fresh salads and raw foods. Is there any difference between regular onions and storage methods?

I mentioned earlier that regular onions are dried after harvest to extend their shelf life, but new onions are shipped without being dried after harvest. New onions that do not have a drying process have a lot of moisture and are delicate, so they need to be devised differently from ordinary onions. Be aware that new onions are basically used up within a week . In addition, since it has a lot of moisture, it is also vulnerable to humidity, so it is necessary to take measures against humidity when storing at room temperature or refrigerating. If it is difficult to eat, it can be stored frozen for about a month. However, the freshness of new onions will be lost, so if you freeze them, cook them and use them.

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Is the best storage method hanging? At normal temperature? Refrigerated? Frozen?

What is the best way to store onions in your home after you buy them? Onions are vegetables that are sensitive to high temperatures and humidity, so basically it is recommended to store them in a well-ventilated place at room temperature, rather than putting them in the refrigerator.

It is desirable to have an environment where you can hang it in a net and store it, but if it is difficult to secure a place, you can prevent moisture by wrapping the onions one by one in newspaper and storing them with a gap. Also, at this time, avoid storing it in vinyl as it may cause moisture to accumulate. It can be stored for about 1 to 2 months by avoiding moisture and checking it frequently.

It can also be stored in the refrigerator in the hot and humid summer of Japan. However, the storage period is about 1 month, which is shorter than normal temperature storage. When storing in the refrigerator, the humidity in the vegetable room is generally set to 90%, so store in the refrigerator.

What if I want to store it for a long time?

Basically, the longest storage is possible at room temperature, but if you are in trouble with the storage location of a large amount of onions, you can also freeze it. In the case of frozen storage, it can be stored for about 1 month, but it loses its crispy texture, so it is not suitable for dishes that enjoy the texture such as salads.

Do you thaw frozen onions? Do you use it as it is?

When cooking frozen onions, when using it for cooking such as curry and stew, there is no problem with cooking as it is. If you cut it in advance, it will save you time, which is very convenient. If you cannot cook the hamburger steak while it is frozen, we recommend that you thaw it naturally or in the microwave before cooking.

Should I peel it off and store it?

If the onion is peeled off, it will dry out and be damaged, so it is recommended to wrap it in a wrap and store it in the refrigerator. Let’s use up as soon as possible.

How should I save the used onions?

I cut it for cooking, but I couldn’t use all of it, so sometimes I want to save it. How should you save it in such a case?

How to store onions cut in half

Just like when the skin is peeled off, it dries from the cut surface and deteriorates, so wrap it in a wrap and store it in the refrigerator. In this case, use it up in 3-4 days.

How to store sliced ​​onions

By slicing, the number of cut surfaces increases and deterioration progresses. Put it in a zip lock, etc. to remove air as much as possible, keep it tightly closed, and store it in the refrigerator. In this case as well, let’s use up in 3 to 4 days.

If it’s rotten … Can you eat it?

Even if stored properly, there is a limit to the storage period. If some of the onions are black and some are moldy, you can eat them if you can remove them. However, if the edible part is black as a whole, or if it feels stuffy to the touch and gives off a strange odor, dispose of it without eating.

Onions are vegetables that can be stored for a long time by a suitable storage method. Please take advantage of it!

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